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The .223 Remington ammunition manufactured by Desert Tech Munitions is made to meet our standards for accuracy, performance, and at a price welcomed by our customers. The .223 is one of the most common and favored varmint cartridges used today, and loaded with 55 grain bullets it is ideally suited for a variety of shooting needs.

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$34.95 / Box of 50
3040 FPS fired from 24" barrel
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As with all Desert Tech ammunition, we use only the finest components in our products. Our Premium Varmint ammunition is loaded with Hornady V-max bullets, an industry standard in varmint bullets. It’s construction allows it to perform much like a match bullet, with flat trajectories and precise accuracy, as well as explosive impacts on targets. Quality bullets, matched with exceptional cases, and filled with premium propellants, put Desert Tech Munitions .223 Premium Varmint ammunition at the top.

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Accuracy is important, but so is lot to
lot consistency. At Desert Tech Munitions, we strive to maintain the highest level of consistency. Our customers can trust that whenever they see the blue logo, they are getting the same quality they have experienced in the past. We know that the only thing better than shooting accurately, is shooting high volumes accurately. Desert Tech Munitions keeps the value in the product with simple packaging, allowing our customers to get more bang for their buck.

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The ammunition you shoot reflects more than just a caliber.
Desert Tech Munitions .223 Remington Premium Match ammunition is a performance built product, made in the USA, by people who also shoot, and demand the best. We strive to bring the best possible product for the best price to our customers, and provide added value and support with complimentary products and services.

$34.95 / Box of 50