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A rifle is only as accurate as the ammunition you shoot through it. We developed our own line of ammunition to guarantee exceptional precision and consistency from lot to lot.
We create ammunition that the military sniper, LE sniper, or long distance shooter can count on. The .375 CT is arguably the best extreme long range cartridge available commercially today, and it’s popularity is gaining daily as more and more marksmen put it to use. At Desert Tech, we push the envelope with tomorrow’s weapons, so the .375 CT is perfectly fit to lead the cutting edge of our ammunition line.

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  • $171.39 / Box of 10
  • $1,703.95 / Case of 100
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The .375 CT ammunition made by Desert Tech Munitions is meticulously handloaded for precision, resulting in concentric and concise cartridges. These practices keep DTM’s .375 CT exceptionally consistent, giving the shooter the most accurate ammunition available. Big bore extreme long range ammunition demands precision, and we take that demand seriously, one carefully loaded cartridge at a time.

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The .375 CT boasts high ballistic coefficient bullets, with incredible velocities. Our ammunition is loaded with lathe turned solid copper alloy bullets, providing the best possible performance. Coupled with premium brass casings, and high performance propellants the DTM .375 CT maintains strict repeatability. The accuracy coupled with energy of the CT makes it the ideal cartridge for precise, and devastating impacts.

Desert Tech Munitions Red Tool
Fired from 29" Barrel
Projectile: 352 Grain OTM
Velocity: 3080 FPS
G7 B.C.: 0.408
G1 B.C.: 0.89
Cartridges: 10
Altitude: 25ft ASL
Baro: 20 inHG
Temp: 70F
Humidity: 50%
Wind: 5mph
Yards MOA MIL Velocity
500 0 0 2627.3
600 2.2 0.6 2542.2
700 4.5 1.3 2458.7
800 6.8 2.0 2376.5
900 9.3 2.7 2269.4
1000 12.0 3.5 2217.6
1100 14.7 4.3 2140.2
1200 17.7 5.1 2064.6
1300 20.7 6.0 1990.5
1400 23.9 7.0 1918.2
1500 27.3 8.0 1847.6
1600 30.9 9.0 1778.8
1700 34.7 10.1 1712.0
1800 38.7 11.2 1647.3
1900 42.9 12.5 1584.6
2000 47.3 13.8 1524.4
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Our advanced ammunition formulas minimize muzzle velocity changes that occur from large temp shifts. Through this, we can attain predictable accuracy across the full range of weather conditions.

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The ammunition you shoot reflects more than just a caliber. Desert Tech Munitions .375 CT is a performance built product, made in the USA, by people who also shoot, and demand the best. We strive to bring the best possible product for the best price to our customers, and provide added value and support with complimentary products and services.

.375 CT Premium Match Ammo Box
  • $171.39 / Box of 10
  • $1,703.95 / Case of 100