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The New Accuracy Standard Graphic
Top Angle Graphic

A rifle is only as accurate as the ammunition you shoot through it. We developed our own line of ammunition to guarantee exceptional precision and consistency from lot to lot.
Few cartridges carry more authority than the .50 BMG, it stands alone at the top of the small arms food chain. Desert Tech builds the world’s best rifles, and we also make the best ammunition for them. The .50 BMG Premium Match ammunition manufactured by Desert Tech Munitions is made for top performance in the HTI, and other precision rifles.

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  • $126.38 / Box of 10
  • $1,253.78 / Case of 100
Desert Tech .50 BMG Accuracy Video
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The .50 BMG carries enormous energy downrange, and it is designed to challenge even the most robust targets. Using the high-BC 750 grain Hornady A-Max bullet, the DTM .50 BMG defies the wind, and retains its power, allowing demanding shooters and professionals to exercise its imposing blow. Whether it be for extreme long range, or for hard targets, the Desert Tech Munitions .50 BMG Premium Match is a superb choice for big bore ammunition.

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It would be a discredit to employ such power, and not have the accuracy to match it. Desert Tech Munitions .50 BMG Premium Match ammunition is loaded with the same precise standards as the rest of our ammunition line. Using only the finest components, and processes, our ammunition is both accurate and repeatable. The DTM 50 BMG ammunition brings precision accuracy to big bore rifles, it is loaded specifically for precision rifles with accuracy being priority number one, so it may not feed in some semi auto rifles.

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Fired from 29" Barrel
Projectile: 750 Grain Tipped Match
Velocity: 2700 FPS
G7 B.C.: 0.581
G1 B.C.: 1.050
Cartridges: 10
Altitude: 25ft ASL
Baro: 20 inHG
Temp: 70F
Humidity: 50%
Wind: 5mph
Yards MOA MIL Velocity
500 0.0 0.0 2280.1
600 2.8 0.8 2201.3
700 5.7 1.6 2123.7
800 8.7 2.5 2048
900 11.9 3.5 1973.6
1000 15.3 4.4 1900.9
1100 18.8 5.5 1830.3
1200 22.5 6.6 1761.4
1300 26.4 7.7 1694.3
1400 30.5 8.9 1629.4
1500 34.9 10.1 1566.6
1600 39.4 11.5 1506.3
1700 44.2 12.9 1448.4
1800 49.3 14.3 1393.3
1900 54.7 15.9 1341.2
2000 60.6 17.6 1292.2
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Our advanced ammunition formulas minimize muzzle velocity changes that occur from large temp shifts. Through this, we can attain predictable accuracy across the full range of weather conditions.

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The ammunition you shoot reflects more than just a caliber. Desert Tech Munitions .50 BMG Premium Match is a performance built product, made in the USA, by people who also shoot, and demand the best. We strive to bring the best possible product for the best price to our customers, and provide added value and support with complimentary products and services.

.50 BMG Premium Match Ammo Box
  • $126.38 / Box of 10
  • $1,253.78 / Case of 100