DESERT TECH 6.5 CREEDMOOR PTS Match - 400 Round Case

Ordered December 8th wanted to try a box before ordering a case..... Still have not received or heard from Desert Tech
Posted on Jan/17/2021
BY Kyle Blatnick
Ordered January 20, estimated ship date was end of February 24. Sent email March 11, no response. Sent another email April 14, they responded, saying "...we are doing everything we can to get your order shipped in the next several weeks. You will receive a tracking number..." Okay, I'm a patient person. But by July 7, I thought, "I guess it's been a few weeks." Sent another email "Hey, it's been 3 months...", no response. Yes, I see they jacked up the prices of the same ammo online, but they'll still honor my order, right? August 14 I sent another email - at this point we are 6 months overdue. NO RESPONSE AGAIN. August 13 I sent another identical email, and finally got a response! "We are still unable to source all the necessary components to load our 6.5 ammo." So wait. You were taking orders for 6 months while you didn't have components? What's really going on here? They say "I can not give you a reliable ETA. I can offer you a full refund or you can continue to wait." So I'm getting the feeling they are just waiting for me to cancel the order because of the price increases. Okay, you win. I ask for a full refund that day, August 25. On September 24, yes - 1 month later, I sent another email asking if they copy the last one? September 27 I got this response: "Dwight, I did not copy until this morning. I have requested the refund and back dated the request for 8/25." And at the writing of this review (2 weeks later), I have not received any refund.
Posted on Oct/13/2021
BY Dwight Zerbe
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