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Desert Tech MDR Assault Rifle Update - Tomorrows Weapons

March 1, 2017 MDR Update

MDR Update – March 2017 Here are the latest news on the MDR Update. Dear Valued Customers, We are happy with the performance of the production MDR. We are also very excited that your guns will be in your hands soon. I appreciate you sticking with us during the MDR launch. MDR QUESTIONS There have been some questions about MDR specifications and performance that we haven’t officially addres... Read More »

MDR Update February 2017 - Desert Tech Tomorrow's Weapons

February 1, 2017 MDR Update

MDR UPDATE – February 2017 Dear Valued Customers, The MDR production is on track to start shipping in March. Things are progressing well, it is a waiting game. Machines are cutting parts, parts are being treated and coated, and in the end be assembled. SHOT SHOW 2017 We had a great Shot Show, we showed the discrete carrying case that all MDR’s will be shipped in and the new reflex suppress... Read More »

Long Range Shooting Rifles - Desert Tech

Intro to Long Range Shooting

Intro to Long Range Shooting In this article you will learn a series of basic skills and tips on: Long Range Shooting     Long Range Rifles     The Latest Trend in Shooting Have you succumbed to the latest trend in shooting? Maybe you have, and just don’t know it yet. Does the report of a single rifle shot, followed by a long and reverberating rumble off in the distance, and ... Read More »

MDR at SHOT Show 2017

The brass has finally settled from #SHOTShow2017 we had a great time showing our products, including a live fire demo of the #MDR . As usual, we had a great groups of visitors to our booth at the show. In addition to that, we had a large group of media, Desert Tech dealers, and other industry people show up to put hands on the rifles. For those who weren’t there, here are a few clips so you ... Read More »

Trasol App - Trajectory Ballistic Calculator by Desert Tech

We are actively working on fix for Trasol on the latest version of iOS

  Recent iOS updates have led to TRASOL crashing on iPhones. We are actively working on an update to resolve the issue. Current workaround requires user going into main iOS settings and disabling location services for the TRASOL app. This will prevent TRASOL from crashing, but also prevents TRASOL from getting local weather services information and as a result limit its ability to automatical... Read More »

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  1. bret
    November 5, 2012, 1:35 am   / 

    I apologize, but personally I think it is bullshit you will not make a LH version in atleast one model and you have been out on the market for some time now. I have served my country just like the rest of you and I think a Quality rifle such as yours should be available for anyone willing to spend the $$$. It isnt that complicating to flip flop the design. Cmon. Im sure you will make your money back on the R&D part quicker than you think.. starting with me.

    • New Shooter Dan
      November 6, 2012, 3:04 pm   / 

      Thanks for the input Bret. Speaking up makes it happen sooner! There are definitely plans to do this, just other things in the queue ahead of it. Wish I had a more concrete timeline…thanks again for reaching out.


  2. troy baker
    January 26, 2013, 8:28 pm   / 

    will the new stock panells fit on gen 1 srs chasis like the new cheek piece

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