MDR Update 4-30-18

Dear Valued Customers,

308 MDR Production and Shipping

The production ramp up and shipping schedule for the MDR has been consistent over the past few months with MDR’s shipping out nearly every day. Although we have yet to reach our capacity goal we are moving closer to our target every week. We regret that some of you have seen your delivery dates pushed out but are very pleased to see many anxious customers that now have MDR’s in their hands and on the range.
Making the transition from a low volume Precision Rifle to the high volume MDR has caused us some growing pains as expected. Although we were fully aware and felt prepared for many of the challenges that we would face, we continue to learn from our experiences and are a better company because of it.

223 MDR Status

As we have demonstrated at 2018 Shot Show and various other events, the initial 223 MDR Test Guns are performing exceptionally well. However, the emphasis from the engineering staff on the MDR production ramp up has constrained our engineering resources, causing the longevity testing to take longer than anticipated.
We are nearly complete with the testing that we expect will ensure an amazing experience for every rifle’s first trip to the range. Upon completion of the testing we will begin Final Production of 223 MDR’s and expect to start shipping in June 2018.

Delivery Dates

Delivery dates listed on your Desert Tech account will continue to be adjusted to our best estimate at the time. Please note that we are taking a more conservative approach with Delivery Dates for 223 MDR’s. Delivery dates beyond July 2018 are likely to be moved up as the 223 MDR ramp up improves.
We appreciate the patience and support we have received from many of our Customers and we share the frustrations and anxiety with every day that passes.
We want nothing more than to get you on the range with the your MDR.


Carson Jenkins
Desert Tech,
Director of Marketing

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