An Exceptional Sniper Team: Arapahoe County Sheriff ASA certified

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Sniper Team has recently received certification by the American Sniper Association, this prestigious certification doesn’t come lightly with only 25 Sniper Teams across the country certified. The Arapahoe County Sheriff team is the only ASA certified team in the state of Colorado, overseeing a portion of the Denver metropolitan area, as well as rural countryside.

The team’s training routine exceeds national standards, and included several of their members traveling to our manufacturing facility here in Utah to further their knowledge about the weapon systems they use as a team. The team has been using the Desert Tech SRS A1 since 2018 and has more recently added the SRS A2 to their inventory as well.

We are very pleased to see some of the very best sniper teams utilizing the very best rifles, the SRS A2 is unrivaled in its ability to provide accurate fire, from a compact and multi-caliber platform. It is the choice of professional marksmen all over the world.

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