Best Accessories for Your Desert Tech SRS

Best Accessories for Desert Tech SRS

You’ve been dwelling on this idea for years.  Studied every forum and poured over all 272 pages of the Official (DTA) SRS thread on Snipers Hide.  You’ve even read Larson Miller’s definitive guide to bullpups on the DT blog.  And after cashing in your stimulus checks you’ve finally got your endgame rifle; A Desert Tech SRS A2.  But showing up at the local range with a bone stock rifle is out of the question.  You’re likely to be ridiculed by a peanut gallery of know-it-all, holier than thou, gun-tuffs otherwise referred to as “your friends”.  What accessories do you need so that tomorrow’s weapon can be transformed from a raw shooting platform into a uniquely personalized tool that fits your long-range needs?  Here is a list of our must have accessories to help you build a deployment kit that will elevate the basic performance of your SRS and enable you to extract the maximum performance from your rifle.  

Rifle Bag

Everything in life is better with a case .  Even the most discreet and stubby bullpup rifles are hard to transport without the proper accessories.  Your rifle is destined to be strapped to an ATV or bounced around in the bed of a truck for days and so it needs to be protected.  Hard cases are great for air travel but for day-to-day use it’s hard to beat a soft sided rifle bag.  Some are even equipped with backpack straps and can double as a shooting mat.  Desert Tech branded bags have the additional benefit of providing secure and tidy storage for a variety of SRS specific items such as barrels, wrenches, suppressors, and spare magazines.  A rifle bag is an absolute must have accessory and it will more than pay for itself by protecting your investment from premature wear and damage.  Not to mention the priceless look on the faces of bystanders as you pull a full size, tack driving, 1,000 yard hammer out of a bag they thought contained a carbine toy.

Tool Kit

The Desert Tech SRS is a multi-caliber rifle capable of rapid barrel changes in the field.  Duh, this is a MAJOR selling point and a big reason why you bought one in the first place.  The best way to ensure your caliber conversions are handled properly and produce repeatable accuracy is to use a torque wrench.  Installing your barrel properly means setting the clamping bolts to factory specs.  For this job you will need a torque wrench that can turn a hex head bolt, or even better a complete tool kit.  Hex bit adaptable wrenches are widely available and easy to find.  For those of you who are closeted bench rest shooters, Desert Tech even offers an SRS specific maintenance kit that includes not only a torque wrench but a variety of specialized maintenance items that will keep you shooting sub-MOA groups for years to come. 

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It almost goes without saying that a long range enthusiast will use a bipod to stabilize the rifle.  No matter what type of shooting you plan to do, whether it’s hunting, competitive, or just playing at the range, you are likely to spend some time on the ground in the prone position.  It should be obvious, even to a long range neophyte, that simply shouldering a long range rifle is not often practical or effective.  If you are shooting prone there is no better way to stabilize your SRS than with a rock-solid bipod. 

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A good bipod is quick to deploy, easy to adjust, and stows in a compact and out of the way manner.  Without question a bipod will give you more positional options and enhanced stability for long range shots.  A bipod is also an indispensable tool when used simultaneously with the integrated SRS monopod.  This combination will provide 3 points of vice like stability that is rarely offered in other rifle packages.  Once you have experienced this level of convenience and stability you will not be able to imagine shooting without it. 


If you want to experience next-level capability, then consider a tripod.  The tripod’s ability to precisely stabilize shots while standing, sitting, and anything in between is unparalleled.  In order to utilize a tripod with an SRS you will want either a clamp type cradle or a quick disconnect adapter mount. 

A cradle clamp will give you the flexibility of placing your rifle anywhere that it can fit and or is most comfortable.  A quick disconnect adapter or ARCA rail will allow you to lock into a fixed point on the handguard.  Regardless of mount type, a well built tripod will bring an elite level of positional capability to the table.

Muzzle Device

Recoil sucks, period.  And it can significantly affect your accuracy at long range.  Anticipating recoil, flinching, jerking the trigger, etc, are all reasons why recoil reducing muzzle brakes should be one of your first upgrades. A picture containing projector

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We all hate shooting next to ‘that guy’ with the ridiculous sideways muzzle blast that darn near blows your toupee off with every shot.  But the reality is a good muzzle brake will significantly reduce felt recoil and help you achieve a consistent and controlled trigger pull.  Some barrels for the SRS will come from the factory with a muzzle brake installed. But If you want the ultimate muzzle device then consider a suppressor. Sound suppressors can be expensive and require cutting through some regulatory red tape, but the payoff is worth it.  A good suppressor will not only quiet down the muzzle blast on that ridiculous 300 Win mag you insist on using but it will also reduce felt recoil.  And the great thing about your new SRS is, even with a suppressor hanging off the end of that barrel, you’ll still be more balanced and shorter overall than your buddy with a standard rifle. 

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Conversion kits

This is the flagship feature of the SRS…The capability that paints all other rifles with a red face of shame…The accessory that trumps all other accessories:  The conversion kit .  The Desert Tech SRS gives you the ability to transform your Varget sipping, prairie dog plinker, into a competition laser.  And then in a matter of seconds it can change again, from a 6.5mm cliché into a 1-mile sledge hammer.  And then just for kicks you can entertain the folks at the range with a dedicated sub-sonic novelty act.  And all this can be done with one chassis, one optic, and all within the span of mere minutes.  

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Rifle accessories are not only limitless in variety and type but also personal and closely tied to the type of shooting activities you have planned for your SRS.  It’s difficult to know exactly what you will need or want until you start logging some trigger time.  Building that perfect rifle setup is often a trial and error process.  No matter where or how you plan to practice your worship of the long range precision shooting arts, this list of indispensable accessories will give you a serviceable package from the get go.  And without any wasted effort you’ll be grinning from ear to ear with each first round hit.

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