Desert Tech in The Media

Get to know some of the movies, tv shows, magazines, etc that Desert Tech rifles have been used and fetured.

From the early days, we’ve been covered by media of all kinds. TV shows, magazines, and a variety of websites. Here’s a cross-section of some of the more notables:

Movies with Desert Tech

Transformers Last Knight

John Wick 

S.W.A.T. Firefight, 2011 

TV Shows with Desert Tech

Netflix Marvel’s The Punisher
The Punisher

TNT Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5
Forgive us our trespasses 

CBS Seal Team
“The Exchange”

Daredevil Season 1 Episode 13, Season 2 Episode 2
Dogs to a Gunfight 

The Blacklist Season 2
The Blacklist 

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 1 episode 10
The Bridge 

Person of Interest Season 3 episode 8

CBS Scorpion, Season 3 Episode 20
Broken Wind 

Mythbusters, Season 9 Episode 8
Dodge a Bullet 

Ultimate Weapons (Military Channel)
Top Ten Sniper Rifles Special 

Tactical Impact (The Sportsman Channel)
.338 Lapua Sniper Rifles

Burn Notice
Season 6, Episode 12 “Means and Ends” 

Magazines with Desert Tech

Recoil Issue 27, November 2016
Preview- Desert Tech HTI

Recoil Issue 23, March 2016
Preview- Desert Tech MDR

Recoil, March 2015
Visiting Desert Tech & The MDR Experience

Tactical Weapons, May 2013
DTA .50 Precision Bullpup – Sub MOA to 800 Yards

Rifle Firepower, March 2013
Testing the World Record

Tactical News Magazine, Special IWA 2013 Edition
Good Things Come in Small Packages

Recoil Magazine, Issue 5 December 2012
The Long and Short of It 

Special Weapons, October 2012
DTA Hard Target Interdiction .50BMG

Special Weapons, June 2012
SRS Covert 7.62mm 

Gun Mart, June 2012
Buttless Wonder

Gun Mart, November 2011
Impressive Long Range Target or Varmint Rifle

Tactical Weapons, March 2012
Dynamic Covert .308 

Target Shooter, September 2011
Desert Tactical Arms DTA Review

Target Shooter, July 2011
First Impressions: Desert Tactical Arms’ Stealth Recon Scout

Combat Arms, 2011
Letter From The Editor and pictured in Arcteryx article

Caliber Magazine, July 2011
Desert Tactical Arms’ Stealth Recon Scout & Covert in .308 and .338LM (article in German)

Soldier of Fortune, June 2011
Desert Tactical’s Stealth Recon Scout: A precision bolt action “bullpup” on a mission

Combat Arms, 2010
Stealth Recon Scout

Guns Magazine, 2010 Special Edition
Desert Tactical Arms SRS: A Radical Bullpup

Special Weapons, October 2009
Suppressor Shootout: Desert Tactical SRS .338

Katadromi, 2009
(article in Greek)

SAM Weapon Magazine, 2009
Stealth Recon Scout (article in German)

Special Weapons, December 2008
Stealth Recon Scout: New Breed Multi Caliber Precision Rifle

Tactical Weapons, July 2008
Compact Sniper Magnum

Sniper (Shooting Times)
Covert: An Exclusive Test Fire of the Shortest 7.62 Sniper Ever Built

Bullpup (Guns & Ammo)
SRS Desert Tactical Arms

YouTube Videos with Desert Tech

Demolition Ranch
My Longest Shot 

Doomsday Bothers

 “>Sniper Rifle Perfection 

Military Arms Channel

New Desert Tech MDR

“>Desert Tech SRS A1 Covert 

Shot Show 2011: Desert Tactical Arms Booth Review 

FPS Russia
Desert Tactical HTI In Action 

Check out more reviews by other YouTube notables here.

Blogs, Forums, and Other Great Mentions Around the Web with Desert Tech

Accurate Shooter

Bullpup Ballistics: 7mm RSAUM in Desert Tech SRS Rifle

UK Varminting
Desert Tactical Arms “Stealth Recon Scout” SRS Rifles

Gun Mart
Desert Tactical DT SRS Covert

Gun Mart
Stealth Recon Scout Bullpup

Haus of Guns
First Time Shooting a .338 Lapua Magnum

Sniper Country Forum
Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout Rifle 

Defense Review
DTA SRS Modular/Multi-Caliber Bullpup Anti-Material

Defense Review
Desert Tactical Titanium Rifle Suppressor 7.62mm NATO/.338 Lapua Magnum; .50 BMG Muzzle Can on the Way?

Defense Review
DTA HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) Sniper Rifle Chassis/Conversion Kit Modular Bullpup

Sniper’s Hide
DTA SRS .338 LM Initial Range Report 

Shooter’s Reviews
Desert Tactical Arms SRS: Initial Impressions

Fog Horn
Desert Tactical Arms Takes the Systems Approach to Precision Rifles

Steve Reichert
The Best Sniper Rifles Money Can Buy

Primal Rights
Desert Tactical Arms-Stealth Recon Scout Review 

Primal Rights
Desert Tactical Munitions Ammo Testing-Part 1 

Video Games

Looks like our rifles are also featured in a couple video games:

Ghost Recon Wildlands, 2017

The Division, 2016
Urban MDR, SRSA1

Payday 2, 2014
Desert Fox

Battlefield Hardline, 2014

Contract Wars, 2014
Desert Tech MDR and SRS A1

Battlefield 4, 2013
338 Recon

State of Decay, 2013
Micro Dynamic Rifle

Ghost Recon Online, 2012
DTA Stealth Recon Scout

Chernobyl Terrorist Attack, 2011
.338 LM Sniper Rifle

Operation 7
DTA SRS in the Gun Lobby 

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