HTI Conversion Kit

Installing your HTI conversion kit

Installing your Desert Tactical Arms conversion kit into the HTI chassis is simple and can be done in just a couple minutes.

Take a minute to ensure that everything is installed correctly and ready for shooting.

With the barrel in particular, make sure that:

  • The recessed notch at the rear of the barrel aligns with the feed ramp when you insert it into the chassis
  • The positional lug is toggled to the “lock” position
  • The 4 locking lugs are tightened with the appropriate amount of torque (70 in. lbs for the SRS and SRS Covert chassis, and 80 in. lbs for the HTI chassis)

The HTI chassis also employs a locking catch that you will need to release in order to slide the butt pad to the side and insert your bolt.

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