Initializing the HTI Rifle System

Initializing the HTI is a simple process that can be done in about 5 minutes. Take a second to make sure that you have checked everything on your rifle before putting rounds down range.

When going over your rifle for the first time, make certain to ensure:

  • All parts that you ordered arrived in the shipment (i.e. conversion kit with magazine, bolt, butt pads, etc)
  • Thread protector or muzzle break is tight
  • Sling studs on the rail allow your sling to be inserted easily
  • Handguard is tight
  • The 4 barrel retention bolts are torqued down (80 inch pounds for the HTI)
  • The barrel lock is in the “lock” position
  • Safety functions properly
  • Chassis screws are in place
  • 2 point magazine attachment and release is working properly
  • Bolt is sliding smoothly
  • Cheek piece is adjusted to fit


If you receive your conversion kit in a separate package, you can refer to the Installing the Conversion Kit tutorial. 

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