Monopods: How To Use Them and Rear Support

Perhaps some of the most important lessons you can learn in precision rifle shooting are about positioning and supporting your rifle. After all, with a rifle like the Desert Tech SRS A2 you need little more than support the rifle in the correct position and your nearly guaranteed a hit right? All joking aside, there … Read more

Shooting with Field Optics Research Tripods

Tripods for marksmen have become extremely popular over the last decade, they have become nearly as common as rear support bags and other gear. There are many great options on the market currently but today I am writing specifically about Field Optics Research tripods. We have used and tried many, and we settled on this … Read more

QD Suppressors VS. Direct thread

QD Suppressors VS. Direct thread We keep hitting on suppressors here on the Desert Tech blog, partially because we are suckers for suppressors, and also because everybody else is also joining the trend. Some trends are just trends, but the suppressor craze is one I can get behind fully. One of the big questions many … Read more

How does a suppressor affect the function of my MDRX

How Does a Suppressor Affect the Function of my MDRX Had a friendly little chat with a local ATF field agent today, we discussed the popularity of suppressors and the huge increase in form 4’s as people buy them. Seems like just a few years ago suppressors were few and far between, but nowadays I … Read more

What Cant Can Do

What Cant Can Do Someday, we’ll have energy weapons just like in the movies. And said energy weapons will of course defy all of our common understanding when it comes to ballistics and projectiles, at least thats what the movies have taught me. But until the day that lasers and blasters like Han Solo carried … Read more

My Top Five Cartridges For Long Range Shooting

My Top Five Cartridges For Long Range Shooting Top five you say? What kind of maniac could narrow it down to just five of the best cartridges? I mean the world is littered with spent casings from countless different cartridges that offered something that another didn’t. So to avoid being labeled as that guy, I … Read more

Do Flat-Shooting Cartridges Matter?

Do “Flat-Shooting” Cartridges Matter? There is a lot of talk recently about flat-shooting cartridges, in fact it’s been a very hot topic for some time now. Many big name manufacturers like Hornady and Nosler keep coming out with new cartridges, and one of the many descriptors of these new cartridges is they shoot flatter than … Read more

Choosing The Right Rifle Scope for Your Desert Tech Rifle

Choosing the right scope for your Desert Tech rifle.

How to Choose the Right Scope for Your Rifle When choosing the best scope for your rifle, keep in mind that a precision rifle can only be as accurate as the sighting system. Today we are going to discuss the topic of rifle scopes, and how you should approach the selection and purchase of a … Read more