Custom SRS Conversion Kits

Once upon a time, when a sportsman wanted to have a variety of rifle calibers at his or her disposal, it meant hauling around an arsenal of separate and unique rifles.  Heading to the range, the back of the truck might have looked something like an overloaded hay truck, with rifle bags piled up higher than a 29-pallet chicken coop.  But this is the 21st century.  We’re not talking about the virtues of hand checkering on grandpa’s walnut deer gun.  You better believe we’re talking about ‘tomorrow’s weapons!

  We’re talking about infinitely adaptable and configurable, multi-caliber bull pups.  The question now isn’t, “am I going to shoot a multi-caliber gun?”  The relevant question is now “which sub-moa caliber chameleon am I going to add to the safe?”.  The obvious conclusion is that a rifle platform that can utilize more than one caliber is superior to one that cannot.  And the Desert Tech SRS-A2 is a fantastic interpretation of the hot swappable multi-caliber concept.  Within a single, compact, and relatively light-weight soft-sided case, a person has access to a broad spectrum of ballistic options.  Carrying around 2,3, or even 4 caliber conversion kits is not impractical or inconvenient.  And the factory barrel options are great.  Operators can rapidly tailor their SRS to specific needs in a matter of seconds.  Whether it’s hunting, competition, or recreational, the SRS-A2 has a solid offering of factory calibers including the effective workhorse .308 Win,  low-recoiling flat shooting 6.5 Creedmoor, wind bucking knock down powerhouse 300 Win Mag, super accurate long range .300 Norma Mag, sniper ready .338 Lapua Mag or heavy hitting 338 Norma Mag.  There’s no doubt that Desert Tech has the bases covered.  But what if you are interested in something beyond the OEM?  What if time tested and proven industry standards aren’t your thing?  If that’s the case, then the aftermarket has you covered.  

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One of the greatest strengths of the SRS, little discussed and perhaps not widely understood, are the incredible aftermarket caliber conversion offerings.  Gunsmiths like Short Action Customs can build practically unlimited varieties of barrel options to accommodate obscure calibers and even wildcat cartridges.  Virtually any cartridge that will physically fit within the SRS receiver can be made into a reliable, functional conversion kit.  A small fraternity of 3rd party SRS specialists are happy to cut extremely high-quality precision barrels and chambers for anything your heart desires.  Not only are calibers on the menu but also barrel length, twist, weight, fluting, finish, color, threading, etc…  The Options nearly endless.  And on top of this industry leading feat of strength, A2 users can swap between standard length and Covert handguards with no special tools.  SRS shooters can truly ‘have their cake and eat it too’…and then have some more cake.  

Perhaps this author’s favorite example of a strong aftermarket conversions for the SRS is the Short Action Customs .223 kit.  This kit perfectly highlights the extraordinary capacity for ballistic diversity the A2 boasts.  It’s incredibly rare, if not completely unheard of, to find a long-range precision rifle that can send heavy duty magnum devastation downrange with extreme prejudice, and then, with the flick of a wrench, completely shape-shift into a docile and even playful 22.  A picture containing person, person, hand

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Simply unlock and loosen the 4 compression bolts with a hex bit wrench and drop in your SAC 223 kit.  And voile!  The fun factor with this barrel cannot be beat.  Shooting inexpensive factory ammo, you can plink away at low value targets until your hearts content without depleting your life savings.  The low recoil, and if suppressed zero recoil, will leave a smile on your face so large and so mischievous, your friends will be wondering if you have a melatonin imbalance. But don’t be fooled by the small stature and economy of this incredible cartridge.  Load up a magazine with some heavy leaded hand loads and the precision factor is almost unbelievable.  The 75gr Hornady ELD M will have you knocking on steel at 1k in calm conditions and even second guessing why you bother with that expensive 6.5 in most situations. 

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And don’t forget how we got here;  Starting the day with a single, compact, soft sided rifle case that looks more like the cozy pouch of a carbine novelty than a serious long range instrument.  The average bystander would not easily guess that a multitude of objective specific options ready to be unleashed with only mere seconds of down time is tucked inside. 

This may sound like a PSA for the .223 but the virtues of any given caliber only reinforce the genius of this design.  Imagine the next time you’re scanning the reloading threads on your favorite gun blog.  And then imagine you get an itch to test the latest wildcat variant.  No need to build a completely new rifle from scratch including an entirely new optic, bipod, and countless other accessories.  Contact the likes of ES Tactical, Benchmark Barrels, DMR Customs, and Special Purpose Rifles just to name a few.  These top shelf dream-weavers in steel can open a door to a nearly limitless world of custom caliber options that enable SRS users to realize their most creative and unique cravings without hesitation.

It’s hard to get over the almost unlimited versatility embodied in the SRS A2.  After seeing the future, a future filled with rifles without boundaries, it’s hard to live in the past.  Desert Tech’s OEM conversion kits only begin to scratch the surface of possibilities.  Whatever caliber-centric, color coordinated, weight obsessed fantasy keeps you awake at night, rest assured there’s an elite collective of Desert Tech aficionado gunsmiths at your disposal.

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