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This is the most accurate and well balanced rifle I have ever placed my hands on.

Didn’t take long to get used to the bull pup bolt placement. The construction is very solid. The covert was grouping 1/2 inch groups at 200 yds and it fits easily in the front seat of my truck since it is as short or shorter than the average AR. Due to the versatility of calibers and ease of conversion to many other calibers, I honestly don’t think I will need to by another bolt gun. Highly recommend this rifle to anyone. From weekend paper punchers, to long range game hunting, to law enforcement. Truly an amazing weapon.
Jarrod G.

“Nothing has met my needs and exceeded my expectations like the Desert Tech SRS A1”

I have been shooting, hunting, and competing with long range precision rifles ever since my best friend got me addicted to the stuff several years ago. Along the way I have had a number of custom high end rifles built in numerous calibers and configurations. Nothing has met my needs and exceeded my expectations like the Desert Tech SRS. I’m so hooked on the compact bullpup design, and the easy caliber conversion capability, that I cannot see myself ever going back to a conventional rifle. Maybe I am in the minority but I have come to love the ergonomics of the SRS A1. The trigger pull is crisp, length of pull is easily adjusted to fit me like a glove, and the adjustable cheek riser puts my eyes right in the sweet spot on my scope every time. I love to use my SRS for everything from PRS style comps, to hunting coyotes, to simply knocking down steel at distance. The mountainous high desert terrain in which I shoot requires a lot of walking, scrambling, and shooting in compromised positions. The super compact SRS travels so well and gets into tight spaces so easily, and converts calibers so quickly that I have eliminated all other bolt guns from my arsenal. I love my SRS and cannot imagine shooting without it.

New shooter begins with the SRS

My experience with long range precision shooting is somewhat limited. My Desert Tech SRS is the the first high end precision rifle that I’ve owned and shot extensively, so I don’t have a lot to compare it too, but after getting behind this beast I don’t ever see the need to try anything else. I have been a shooter all my life, using anything from hand guns to shotguns and rifles, but I only recently started to get interested in the extreme long range aspect. My introduction to the Desert Tech rifle systems was through a couple of shooting buddies, these guys were constantly raving about their DT rifles and how amazing they performed which convinced me to check it out myself. I have not been this excited about shooting in a long time. The first time out with this gun, I was hammering steel at ranges I had never tried before and the joy at seeing an impact and then hearing it a few moments later had me as giddy as a school girl. The versatility of the calibers, the fantastic adjustable trigger, the bull-pup design lending to a short overall length, the companies commitment to long rang shooters with their ballistic calculating app and range events have made me a Desert Tech fanboy for life. I will be shooting this SRS and pushing my limits for years to come, and look forward to seeing what they come up with next.


Desert Tech vs Other Precision Rifles Review

“I have several precision bolt guns, all with custom barrels, triggers, etc. for years I have looked at your SRS products and thought about trying one out but was concerned about accuracy as compared to my custom rifles.

Well I picked up an SRS A1 last night, cleaned and lubed it, 3 shots to zero, slipped scales on my S&B pmII and shot a group on someone’s used SH dot drill target.

Needless to say with factory 140elds I am good to go. Groups at 200 didn’t look much different.

Thank you!”

The SRS A1 is designed with a unique telescoping bolt and bull-pup configuration, and it is almost a foot shorter than conventional sniper rifles. The bull-pup design also enhances the rifle’s ergonomics, and moves the balance point to the center of the rifle, making it easier to maneuver and shoot.
Desert Tech has created the most accurate rifle possible that is guaranteed to have 1/2 MOA, or better accuracy, at 100 yards when using Desert Tech ammunition. Switch between calibers in less than 60 seconds.

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“best money i ever spent”

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 8.19.02 AM

Taylor Nash
Elko, NV

Sniper Country “The Entire Experience Was Exceptional”

 John Glassberg
Sniper Country Enthusiast


“Unbeatable accurate shot groups with minimal recoil”

From the private collector of high quality firearms to the avid marksman and hunter wanting the flexibility of ONE compact rifle that fires multiple calibers with world class accuracy & results whether your target is 100 or 2000 yards in range. This is YOUR gun!

The DTA SRS .308 with the .338LM conversion kit , you pick the color! OD green is mine!! Creates the ultimate specialized & customized, most user friendly compact sniper rifle in the world today!

Warning….. Once you own this rifle, you will not favor any other bolt action rifle. Why is this??? The look, feel, fit, high grade materials, less that 1 minute caliber conversion change out (you can take longer if you wish!) & the highest grade components. This equals = Unbeatable accurate shot groups with minimal recoil…. shot after shot, after shot!

p.s.   Expect when  at the range many other shooters will ask many questions about your SRS, use these opportunities to make new friends and share tips and information for the better of all.

I love mine & hope that you do too!!  Good luck, good shooting & when the day is done remember…. Return to Zero!

Tom Clay
Pasadena, TX

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    Taylor Nash I’m in Elko as well, would love to see that rifle

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