Iron Sights, They Aren’t Just For Backup

            Working as a gun writer and subject matter expert has its perks, amongst them getting the latest and greatest equipment to test. Great stuff, but it’s a very sharp double edged sword.  It leaves the impression our readers, students, or fellow trainers are in the same boat.  Most are not, people purchasing firearms for … Read more

Arca Swiss for your rifle, yes or no?

Arca Swiss for your rifle, yes or no? Being old enough to remember when there were zero accessories available for your rifle or carbine provides a unique perspective, one born of real world application. It can save time, grief, most of all hard earned money. The firearms industry loves selling stuff you will never need, … Read more

Maintaining Zero

Maintaining Zero Zeroing your rifle is a must, everyone pretty well knows it. Properly zeroing your rifle at a given range is critical, a range that matches the design, purpose, and use of your particular rifle, aiming device and ammunition.  Every class you attend shows you how, based on what you brought to the class.  … Read more

Buying a Riflescope

Buying a Riflescope Rifle optics remain one of the fastest growing markets. Dozens of very good scopes are available for every segment of the firearms industry.  Variable magnification from low to high, reticles from clear to complicated, short, compact, long, large and small you name it.  The real question is no longer can I get … Read more

Keeping it Real

Keeping it Real Keeping it real is a concept that should color every decision you make when it comes to firearms, including cost, selection, equipment, training, and practice. It does not mean everything must be practical, or work in a fight, or any of the myriad of fortune cookie philosophy so prevalent in this industry. … Read more

Ballistic Coefficient or (B.C. for those who hate math)

          Ballistic Coefficient or (B.C. for those who hate math)  Years ago, starting down the precision rifle path my craving for “data” and “numbers’ was strong. Part was my need as a trainer and SWAT team leader, but like most new to the craft it was fun and interesting. Most of my focus was on terminal … Read more

Is 6.5 better than 308 for Law Enforcement Precision Rifles?

Is 6.5 better than 308 for Law Enforcement Precision Rifles? Joining the list of pointless and mostly baseless arguments such as 9mm / 45ACP and plastic vs polymer is the 6.5mm  (mostly Creedmoor) vs 308.  Heightened in the LE sniper environment since 6.5 Creedmoor was introduced in 2007 it existed long before with the .260 … Read more

Going Short with the MDRX Micron Conversion Kit

Going Short with the MDRX Micron Conversion Kit One of the endless discussions amongst those with real world experience clearing buildings with rifles is barrel length.  Most experienced trainers agree a 16” rifle or 18.5” shotgun will work, not ideal, but capable with training. Laws, policies and restrictions can make short barrels difficult to acquire … Read more