February 2018 MDR Update

Dear Valued Customers,

I wanted to give you all a quick update on the production and shipping status of the MDR.

Desert Tech has been moving forward in full-gear to manufacture MDRs and get them into the hands of our loyal pre-order customers. Rather than tell you what we’re planning, I am pleased to announce that over the past 10 days we have shipped a substantial number of BLK and FDE .308 MDRs throughout the U.S. and are on-track to continue regular shipments with increasing volume on a weekly basis.

The MDR .223 project continues to progress.
Although we are not out of the woods yet; with “final production” chute panels, we are hoping to begin initial shipments in April.

We truly appreciate your patience and support and are very excited to see Tomorrows Weapon in the hands of our loyal customers.

Carson Jenkins
Director of Marketing

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