What are they?

We asked ourselves the same thing for a while, until last week we finally found our answer, and then it seemed really obvious.

  1. Superheroes
  2. Guns
  3. Exploding Pumpkins

So last week we hosted¬†folks from the Com-Link community in the first ever “Pumpkin Shoot”, at our Sniper Country range in Northern Utah.¬†Shooters had 3 rounds to engage targets at different distances, racking up points based on how far the targets were.

Oh and one other thing–everyone was dressed as superheroes. That’s right, among us we had:

  • Batman
  • Spiderman
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • and…Nacho Libre… (still in superhero training)

It definitely made for some laughs, and was a great way to enjoy some fall air and pay homage to the all-benevolent pumpkin. Take a look:

Of course no shooting trip is complete without a little tannerite:

And by far, the best part of all was that the losing superhero had to reveal his “true identity” (a.k.a. wear a sparkly fairy costume all over town for the rest of the day):

In short–fun shooting, great group of guys, and laughs until our sides hurt. Definitely a repeater.

Happy Halloween, and see you at the next event!


p.s. if you really wanna laugh, check out the outtakes here!

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