HTI Review Roundup

We collected some of the top HTI reviews from some well known Youtubers and channels to make it easy for you to find the best information on the Desert Tech HTI.

Desert Tech HTI

Snipers Hide Low Light says they love the trigger on the HTI and highly recommends this rifle if you want to get into long range shooting competitions.

SHLowLight –

“If you’re looking to participate in competitions this is an outstanding platform for you to consider.”

“For a Bull-pup design, the trigger on this system is outstanding!”

“The Bull-pup design which I think shines in the HTI platform. Why? Because it allows you to have the longer barrels in a a shorter platform, easier to transport, easier to maneuver and it puts the bi-pod up front where we want it.”

Check out the full review here.

In the review that GY6vids did for the HTI, he says that this rifle stays accurate at a variety of ranges and works as advertised.

GY6vids –

“The HTI also has a match grade trigger. You can adjust this trigger down to 1 to 3 pounds, so it’s 1 to 3 pounds adjustable. I like this trigger a lot, it’s very crisp.”

“I do like the fact that there is a grip section right on the bottom of the rifle. So as you’re carrying this thing, it’s very easy to pick up and it’s center balance, which is nice. You can also throw it over your shoulder, and it’s easy.”

“It’s super light weight and compact.”

Check out the full review here.

Over at The Truth About Guns they did a very thorough review on the HTI. Here is what they had to say.

The Truth About Guns –

“This thing is a beast. It combines raw power, high precision, and an engineer’s dreams. It’s packing a 29″ barrel into a package that ends up a full foot shorter than a Barrett M107 and weighs 9 pounds less. Despite its Bull-pup configuration, it sports a spectacular trigger.”

“As mentioned earlier, the trigger in the HTI is spectacular. And I don’t mean “for a Bull-pup,” I mean period. It’s adjustable for travel, creep, location (distance from the grip to the trigger shoe), and break weight within a 1 to 3 pound range.”

“The whole package is purposeful and well-designed, cramming a lot of functionality into one of the smallest .50 BMG rifles out there.”

You can read the full article at their Gun Review page, or you can watch their Youtube video here.

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