Here are 3 tips to improve your DT SRS sniper rifles accuracy or any other precision rifle for that matter. The SRS is guaranteed to shoot 1/2 moa or better and we have been able to get the accuracy down to 1/4 moa by following these three simple steps.

1 –Have good qualifying match ammunition.
Not all ammunition is going to shoot the same in your rifle. First you want to find a bullet weight that is stabilized in your barrel twist, you can calculate the bullet stability at Second you want to find ammunition with the right recipe. If the ammo manufacturer has found a good combination of the bullet, powder, brass, and primer, it should shoot good in most precision rifles. For us at Desert Tech we control the chambering and ammunition dimensions, to ensure everything functions accurately together.

2 – Control the gasses that exit the muzzle.
Precision rifles always have a match grade crown which causes a uniform dispersion as the gasses exit the rifle. There shouldn’t be dents on the crown because gasses will not disperse evenly and will make the bullet tip, also known as bullet yaw. Our DTSS Suppressors/Muzzle Brakes are designed to uniformly strip the gasses off of the projectile to eliminate any bullet yaw. Muzzle devices matter and will get you better results but you will get the best results with a suppressor. You can find our Suppressors/Muzzle Brakes at

3 – Manage the Parallax in your scope.
When you are shooting ½ inch groups and you want to transition to shoot ¼ inch groups, it is critical that you pay attention to the parallax in your cross hair. Roll your head around the cheek piece to find the center of the scope because the parallax will open your group up. If you use a scope with uncorrected parallax then your groups will suffer to the point where good qualifying match ammunition and using a Suppressor/Muzzle Device wouldn’t make a difference.

Comment below with any questions or comments regarding accuracy on your precision rifles. Tell us which tips you found helpful and how you achieved your smallest groups along with the suppressors, scopes, or ammunition that you found to be great options.
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  1. Mark Stambaugh
    December 13, 2019, 2:41 pm   / 

    I am curious if DT offers a discount for those who purchase a DT rifle for one of the DT classes?

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