Dope cards and drop tables – How to generate and read them:

Dope cards and drop tables – How to generate and read them. What are dope cards and how do I read them?  Don’t worry, the thought police monitoring your office computer aren’t going to flag you for researching D.O.P.E.  In the world of long-range precision rifles, the term D.O.P.E. refers to Data on Previous Engagement.  … Read more

Getting into Reloading

Getting into Reloading Imagine a conversation with yourself in your own head that goes something like this:  Bullpup or conventional rifle….give me a break, the answer is bullpup.   What caliber should I get?…wait a minute, why limit myself, I’ve got an SRS, I can have any caliber I want, whenever I want.   Let’s see…accessories…bipod, suppressor, … Read more

Best Accessories for Your Desert Tech SRS

Best Accessories for Desert Tech SRS You’ve been dwelling on this idea for years.  Studied every forum and poured over all 272 pages of the Official (DTA) SRS thread on Snipers Hide.  You’ve even read Larson Miller’s definitive guide to bullpups on the DT blog.  And after cashing in your stimulus checks you’ve finally got … Read more

Bullpup Pros vs Cons

Bullpup Pros vs Cons: What is a bullpup and why am I oddly attracted to this object of radical proportion and grotesquely stunted size?  Why would someone consider this alternative and unusual technology? With so many readily available and battle proven options why experiment?  Especially when some previous iteration bullpups look like the ill-conceived expressions … Read more