Side Eject VS. Forward Eject

There has been some confusion regarding the MDRX and its various configurations. In order to help customers understand, we put a video together to show the differences. And since you are already here, I’ll explain it you:


The base of all Desert Tech rifles is the rifle chassis, the chassis consists of the base receiver without the barrel, bolt, magazine and a few related parts. The only thing needed to complete a chassis into a complete rifle is a caliber conversion kit which includes the barrel, bolt, magazine, and other related parts. If you buy it as a complete rifle then you should have everything you need.

The MDRX rifle chassis will come to you as either a side eject (SE)chassis or a forward eject (FE)chassis. The only difference between the two is the ejection pattern specific parts that are included with it. When you install the caliber conversion kit to your chassis, you will have a complete rifle. The confusion for many comes from not knowing the difference between FE and SE conversion kits and how they fit the rifle chassis. The FE chassis will come with some of the FE parts needed to function, but the caliber specific parts for forward ejection will come with the caliber conversion kit itself. The SE chassis will also come with some of the SE parts, but not all of them. Again the caliber specific parts for side ejection will come with the caliber conversion kit.

The base MDRX chassis are otherwise identical, and SE chassis can be switched to FE chassis and vice versa with the changing of the appropriate parts. We sell kits to do exactly that, so if you bought a SE chassis but would like to shoot FE conversion kits, you need only purchase a side to forward eject upgrade kit. Once installed, you will have everything you need to install a FE caliber conversion kit of your choice. The same can be done if you have a FE chassis and would like to shoot SE conversion kits you need only purchase the forward to side eject upgrade kit.

The video above also explains the difference as well as showing you the different parts and how they go together. If you need any help figuring out your rifle or any of its components, feel free to drop us a comment and we will be happy to get you some answers.

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