MDRX Rivalry: One gun for every scenario

We get a constant stream of questions from would be MDRX owners trying to decide on which MDRX configuration they should purchase. The obvious answer to that question is; why just one?

One of the most advantageous aspects of the MDRX family is the ability to interchange from one caliber or configuration to another. So an MDRX owner could easily have a multitude of rifles in one MDRX. In this series of videos, we put all MDRX configurations against each other to see which is the best one for any given activity. We scored the different rifles on accuracy, maneuverability, downrange energy and controllability. That way people can decide for themselves what version of the MDRX will work best for them.

Check out the video series, and let us know which MDRX fits your purposes best and why.

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