More Guns? Or Multi-Caliber Guns?

More Guns? Or Multi-Caliber Guns?

We can all agree that firearms are as addicting as any hobby, the only part we might argue with is how long it takes for the newness to wear off from our latest toy. And as soon as it does, we find ourselves again seeking to justify reasons for another. I often draw a parallel to women’s shoes; sure, any pair of shoes will cover your feet, but ladies often have a different pair for jogging, walking, the gym, fancy walking or walking the dog. And those of us with a firearm addiction might have a similar situation with our guns, we might have three different rifles for deer hunting depending on how we plan to hunt any particular day.

This may be a luxury for some, and a dream for others. But today we are going to talk about how multi-caliber rifles can make that dream a luxurious reality.

Most of us could probably get by with a handful of firearms, for example; a deer rifle, a shotgun, a .22 and maybe a varmint rifle like an AR of some sort. But let’s be honest, none of us would be completely satisfied with a humble collection like that. Most firearm aficionados have many more than a few in similar categories, and others have piles of rifles of every kind.
But today we are talking about multi-caliber rifles, a rifle that can switch from one caliber to another. Multi-caliber rifles have been around for some time, but they have become extremely popular over the last decade or so.

But how can a multi-caliber rifle make your life better?

Since we are talking on the Desert Tech blog, we will speak specifically regarding Desert Tech’s multi-caliber rifles. Sure there are many other multi-caliber precision rifles, but the SRS was perhaps one of the earliest true switch-barrel precision production rifles, and at least in my eyes it remains one of the best. The MDRX and its predecessor are another great example of multi-caliber options.

Let’s discuss a couple reasons why these rifles can make your shooting life better, and perhaps even save you money in your gun collection.

Consolidation of resources is a great way to get a better rifle kit. A multi-caliber rifle like those from Desert Tech allow you to consolidate your funds into one platform, accessories and optics stay with the same gun regardless of caliber. That means that instead of having three different rifles, let’s say a 308, 6.5CM and a 300WM, you can have all three in the same chassis. That means that instead of buying three expensive optics to go on each rifle, you only need to buy one. The same can be said about accessories like bipods, slings, hard-cases, magazines, etc. In addition to having to purchase fewer ancillary items, you can justify buying higher grade ones since you don’t have to buy three of them. Or you can pocket that extra cash for additional training and ammo.

Beware The Man With One Gun

Another resource that is consolidated with a multi-caliber rifle is your training. I shoot my MDRX every week, and sometimes multiple times. Regardless of the caliber, the operation of the rifle is always the same. The length of pull is the same, the trigger feel is the same, the eye relief and scope field of view all remains a familiar and common presentation. This allows the shooter to become better with his performance, shooting a smaller caliber in the same rifle helps build confidence and control for when a larger caliber is used. It also allows training at a lower ammunition cost. As the old saying goes; “Beware the man who only has one gun. He probably knows how to use it!”. This is the goal when training with firearms, to be proficient and deadly accurate.

It’s a pretty simple idea, the more you use a particular gun, the better you will become with it. Sure you can build multiple similar rifles and get the same effect, but it will likely cost more. I say; Beware the man with one rifle that shoots everything from 223 up to ELR cartridges from the same rifle, he probably knows how to hit things with it.


Another good reason for your multi-caliber rifle is that we aren’t exactly living in the good ol’ days. Having a switch-barrel rifle will give you the opportunity to adapt to the evolving ammunition market. If you only have one rifle, but it can shoot all the popular calibers, you can easily adapt to whatever is available in your area at any given time. In addition to that, having a multi-caliber rifle make getting upgrades easier. Let’s say that some new whiz-bang cartridge comes out next month, and everybody’s jumping on this new bandwagon. If your a sucker for bandwagons, you can jump on with as little as a new barrel for your favorite rifle, instead of building a whole nother rifle.

Short of outfitting the local militia, I can’t think of a good reason why a bunch of firearms cant be replaced by a few high grade multi-caliber ones. A whole gun collection could be replaced by a few good switch-barreled ones. This approach may not be for everyone, as some of us are just plain addicts. But if you have limited storage space, or if your just a one gun kind of guy, then a multi-caliber rifle is just the kind of thing you might need. After all, you can only really shoot one at a time, so make sure it’s one that can do it all!

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