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Guys, we heard you! And, we are very excited to present our new and improved rifle builder! We wanted to provide a great experience for all of you when building your dream rifle.

We have been working hard to make this rifle building experience a dream for our audience and after many pain-staking weeks, we think we have something you will drool over.

Here are just a few of the dozens of updates we’ve made to the rifle builder:

Updated edge to edge layout that fits to the screen you’re using.


We realized that almost half of our audience is viewing our site on a mobile phone. We didn’t forget about you. No need to be zooming in and out to view your changes. Now each part of the rifle is in the right size and fits perfectly on any screen.

No more scrolling up and down to add items and view your changes. Our new layout is much easier to use, with just a few simple taps and you can add items to your rifle!


old_rifle-builder_desert_tech_scrollrifle builder, hti rifle, srs rifle, covert rifle, firearm, desert tech

2x image resolution

That’s right, we are talking about crisp, high detailed images. We doubled the resolution of the rifle and accessory images so your viewing experience is sharper than ever, especially on your shiny new retina phones and 4k monitors!


Also, because of our edge to edge layout, we have more room to make our rifles display up to 30% larger than before.

Optimized loading speed by up to 10X

While doubling how good our images look, we also optimized them to load faster. With some nifty image optimization and processing magic, we got those file sizes to be 4 times smaller, making load time to a mere fraction of a second.

Updated the background


We’ve been hearing that the rifle was a little hard to see in front of a dark background so we lightened it up. Now the background provides a higher contrast and the rifle stands out center focus.

Added a “View Items” drop down to see a list of your selection.

rifle builder, view items, hti rifle, srs rifle, covert rifle, desert tech

To use less space, we removed the items list from the side and placed them in a drop down area that is only a tap away. This move puts the focus on creating your dream rifle and still gives you the option to review your changes within a pop up.

We very much appreciate the support all of you have given us throughout the years and hope you find this new experience as rewarding as we think it will be.

Please leave us a comment and let us know how you like the new rifle builder.


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