Win a Desert Tech SRS-A1 at Bullpup Challenge Shoot

Win a FREE SRS at The Bullpup Shoot!

Come see us at The Bullpup Shoot in Park City, Kentucky September 29-30. We will have demo guns for people to shoot and would love to meet you! Grand prize for Sunday’s “Bullpup Challenge Shoot” is a Desert Tactical Arms SRS. For more info, check out the official event website forum thread at Look forwar... Read More »

New Shooter Dan Takes the SRS Covert Caribou Hunting

A couple of weeks ago, DTA offered me the opportunity to go caribou hunting in Alaska. While this would be an amazing opportunity for anyone, it was even more incredible for someone like me because…I’d never been hunting before. Not for deer, elk, turkey, duck, rabbit—NOTHING. Needless to say, it was an awesome experience. Learned a ton, saw some beautiful country, and met some g... Read More »

New Shooter Precision Rifle 1 Class

Hey guys, new shooter Dan here. I recently got the chance to go to Sniper Country for the Precision Rifle 1 Class, an introductory to long range shooting. While I was there, I had the opportunity to get some great instruction on shooting position, mechanics, and environmental factors like windage and temperature. I had a great time, and by the end of the weekend was engaging targets consistently o... Read More »

Great Feedback From a Guest at Sniper Country

As many of you know, our Sniper Country training facility is officially open. As part of the opening process, we held a community open house, where the public was invited to come tour the facility, shoot our rifles and ask questions. It was a great chance for us to meet the community and address a couple of their concerns related to safety and fire hazards. We had a great cross section of the com... Read More »

New Shooter The Journey Begins

Even though I work with DTA, I’m definitely a noob when it comes to precision marksmanship (or for that matter, a lot in the firearms world). However, the guys here have agreed to show me the ropes, and help me learn about long range shooting. I’m looking forward to their mentoring and hands on training. For the experienced guys out there, I’m hoping I can get some suggestions an... Read More »

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  1. troy baker
    January 26, 2013, 8:28 pm   / 

    will the new stock panells fit on gen 1 srs chasis like the new cheek piece

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