Desert Tech SRS A2 Covert: First Impressions

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first saw the Desert Tech SRS. It was long enough ago that History Channel still played shows about history. I remember seeing the SRS on a show about the evolution of weapons. At the time, I was just starting to understand firearms; a passion ignited … Read more

Monopods: How To Use Them and Rear Support

Perhaps some of the most important lessons you can learn in precision rifle shooting are about positioning and supporting your rifle. After all, with a rifle like the Desert Tech SRS A2 you need little more than support the rifle in the correct position and your nearly guaranteed a hit right? All joking aside, there … Read more

Shooting with Field Optics Research Tripods

Tripods for marksmen have become extremely popular over the last decade, they have become nearly as common as rear support bags and other gear. There are many great options on the market currently but today I am writing specifically about Field Optics Research tripods. We have used and tried many, and we settled on this … Read more

Iron Sights, They Aren’t Just For Backup

            Working as a gun writer and subject matter expert has its perks, amongst them getting the latest and greatest equipment to test. Great stuff, but it’s a very sharp double edged sword.  It leaves the impression our readers, students, or fellow trainers are in the same boat.  Most are not, people purchasing firearms for … Read more

First Impression: Desert Tech’s TRASOL Ballistic App

First Impression: Desert Tech’s TRASOL Ballistic App I am a big believer in ballistics applications. In 2019, at the US National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, I spent the better part of an hour taking wind readings with my Kestrel windmeter containing Applied Ballistics software. I watched a brisk wind condition oscillating between three and … Read more

Arca Swiss for your rifle, yes or no?

Arca Swiss for your rifle, yes or no? Being old enough to remember when there were zero accessories available for your rifle or carbine provides a unique perspective, one born of real world application. It can save time, grief, most of all hard earned money. The firearms industry loves selling stuff you will never need, … Read more

Maintaining Zero

Maintaining Zero Zeroing your rifle is a must, everyone pretty well knows it. Properly zeroing your rifle at a given range is critical, a range that matches the design, purpose, and use of your particular rifle, aiming device and ammunition.  Every class you attend shows you how, based on what you brought to the class.  … Read more

Gun Control

On May 27, 2021, Samuel Cassidy opened fire at his place of work. Armed with multiple handguns, he killed nine people before taking his own life. This happened in San Jose, California just two months after the shooting that left 10 dead in Boulder, Colorado. Nineteen families will never be the same because of the … Read more

Dope cards and drop tables – How to generate and read them:

Dope cards and drop tables – How to generate and read them. What are dope cards and how do I read them?  Don’t worry, the thought police monitoring your office computer aren’t going to flag you for researching D.O.P.E.  In the world of long-range precision rifles, the term D.O.P.E. refers to Data on Previous Engagement.  … Read more