SRS A2 Covert

Incase You Missed Us At 2019 Shot Show

The 2019 Shot Show was a went really well for us this year! We want to thank all of you that came to visit our booth and see what’s new with us. As many of you know, our big hit this year was the SRS A-2 announcement that we began shipping orders for at Show Show 2019. With the new sleek design, weight reduction, and increased accuracy, we’re really excited to see what everyone thinks ... Read More »

Desert Tech HTI Rifle

The Desert Tech HTI Is Now More Affordable Than Ever.

Long range shooting has always been the lifeblood of our business here at Desert Tech. What we’ve recognized for a long time now is that the long range shooting category is very cost prohibitive. We love new people coming in and showing interest in our industry, so we paid special attention on how we can improve the process. In order to address this we’ve been looking for ways to be able to pr... Read More »

Introducing the New SRS-A2 precision rifle. Now lighter than ever.

Introducing the New SRS-A2 precision rifle. Now lighter than ever.

As everyone knows, the flagship rifle of Desert Tech is the SRS. We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our Desert Tech product line, the Desert Tech SRS A2 and SRS A2 Covert rifles! Though our years in business we’ve been looking at how we can continually improve our products. Keep reading to find out what key improvements we’ve made to the new Desert Tech A2 model. Weight Reducti... Read More »

Origin of Desert Tech – How Desert Tech Started

Origin of Desert Tech – How Desert Tech Started

One of the main questions I get asked here at Desert Tech is “How did you go about starting Desert Tech, and why did you decide to do it?”. Because this is such a common question, I thought it would be a good idea to make a video explaining what got me to where I am today, as the CEO of Desert Tech.   Developing a Skill Set When my father died, all those years ago, it changed my life a lot. I... Read More »

2018 Black Friday Sale

2018 Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale! Biggest Discounts of the Year Visit From November 15th – 30th while supplies last USE OFFER CODE: BLKFRIDAY2018 With Black Friday fast approaching, Desert Tech is marking down prices from now until November 30th! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big on your favorite Desert Tech items, while supplies last! Desert Tech SRS A-1 Rifles (Right Han... Read More »

Maximum vehicle mobility

The MDR is Designed To Go Where You Go Without Sacrificing Power

We Designed the MDR with maximum mobility in mind. While other rifles like the MK18 had to sacrifice power in order to be more compact, we had a different idea in mind. What were the primary factors we focused on when designing a rifle with increased mobility, without sacrificing power? Size The mobility starts with the size and weight of the gun, making it as short as possible. If you have a long... Read More »

The MDR Was Designed for Maximum Lethality

The MDR Was Designed for Maximum Lethality

With the Desert Tech MDR we spent a lot of time in R&D on the key metrics of achieving Maximum Lethality. When answering the question of what it takes for our rifle to hit a target with highest lethality, there were a few primary factors we looked at. Body Armor Penetration The military has taken the M4 and made it as short as they possibly can. The Daniel Defense MK18 is using a 10.3” barre... Read More »

Military Mud Sand Salt Water and Ice Tests PASSED

The MDR was built with Maximum survivability in mind.

With the MDR we built many features that go beyond just the firepower and adaptability of the rifle. We also had prime focus on keeping the operator safe in many potentially dangerous situations and built a rifle with maximum reliability and endurance in mind. Here are a few areas we focused on heavily to keep you safe in the field: Maximum Concealment Maximum concealment means more than just the ... Read More »

top of scope optic showing settings

What’s the Better Long-Range System? Mil-Dot or Minute of Angle?

At risk of re-kindling an all-new “tastes great” or “less filling” debate, we’re going explore both the milliradian and minute of angle systems for ballistic adjustment and ranging targets. Which one is better? Will choosing the wrong system for your rifle and optic combination get you killed? Will Rosie O’Donnell approve of your choice?   This scope uses minutes of angle turret a... Read More »

estimate the distance of a target

How to Estimate Distance Using Only Your Scope

  Let’s explain how to estimate distance using only your scope with an everyday example with which we’re all familiar. Fair enough? Suppose you’re captaining a sweet diesel-powered submarine. Before finishing work for the day, your boss wants you to torpedo a Somali pirate ship. Looking out through your periscope, you find that you’re in luck because you see one steaming along off on ... Read More »

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    will the new stock panells fit on gen 1 srs chasis like the new cheek piece

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