Ballistic Coefficient or (B.C. for those who hate math)

          Ballistic Coefficient or (B.C. for those who hate math)  Years ago, starting down the precision rifle path my craving for “data” and “numbers’ was strong. Part was my need as a trainer and SWAT team leader, but like most new to the craft it was fun and interesting. Most of my focus was on terminal … Read more

Intro to Wind Reading and Mirage

Intro to Wind Reading and Mirage             Whispers fly back and forth. “What do you think it’s worth? Quarter, maybe half.” The reactions vary up and down the firing line. Some shooters sit relaxed in a folding chair, waiting for their relay to be called, seemingly unconcerned. Others set up their spotting scopes behind the … Read more

Shooting Barricades, bags, and tripod

Shooting Barricades, bags, and tripod Today Tyler walks us through shooting from barricades in competition. He also goes over some of a shooters best tools for doing so. Products seen in this video: Cole-TAC Wiebad Short Action Precision Reasor Precision Blam Enterprises

Best Accessories for Your Desert Tech SRS

Best Accessories for Desert Tech SRS You’ve been dwelling on this idea for years.  Studied every forum and poured over all 272 pages of the Official (DTA) SRS thread on Snipers Hide.  You’ve even read Larson Miller’s definitive guide to bullpups on the DT blog.  And after cashing in your stimulus checks you’ve finally got … Read more

All About the Eyes

All About the Eyes             One of the most important things every shooter should know is which is his/her dominant eye. Most people, even some experienced shooters, will immediately assume that the dominant eye corresponds with the dominant hand. While this is often the case, it is not always so.             No matter how comfortable … Read more

My Top Five Cartridges For Long Range Shooting

My Top Five Cartridges For Long Range Shooting Top five you say? What kind of maniac could narrow it down to just five of the best cartridges? I mean the world is littered with spent casings from countless different cartridges that offered something that another didn’t. So to avoid being labeled as that guy, I … Read more

Shooting with a sling

Shooting with a Sling Rests, bags, bipods, shooting sticks — keeping the rifle as stable as possible is key to taking a good shot. What about slings? Many people view them only as a tool for carrying a firearm or as an accessory to an older military rifle. Certain types of rifle competitors depend on … Read more

Is 6.5 better than 308 for Law Enforcement Precision Rifles?

Is 6.5 better than 308 for Law Enforcement Precision Rifles? Joining the list of pointless and mostly baseless arguments such as 9mm / 45ACP and plastic vs polymer is the 6.5mm  (mostly Creedmoor) vs 308.  Heightened in the LE sniper environment since 6.5 Creedmoor was introduced in 2007 it existed long before with the .260 … Read more

Bullpup Pros vs Cons

Bullpup Pros vs Cons: What is a bullpup and why am I oddly attracted to this object of radical proportion and grotesquely stunted size?  Why would someone consider this alternative and unusual technology? With so many readily available and battle proven options why experiment?  Especially when some previous iteration bullpups look like the ill-conceived expressions … Read more

Going Short with the MDRX Micron Conversion Kit

Going Short with the MDRX Micron Conversion Kit One of the endless discussions amongst those with real world experience clearing buildings with rifles is barrel length.  Most experienced trainers agree a 16” rifle or 18.5” shotgun will work, not ideal, but capable with training. Laws, policies and restrictions can make short barrels difficult to acquire … Read more

What Makes Match Ammunition?

What Makes Match Ammunition? What Makes Match Ammunition? Match grade is a term that is often thrown around in our industry, with much of it being used in the ammunition market. But what makes ammunition match-grade? Accuracy is an especially important component when describing the benefits of match ammunition, for me there is nothing less … Read more

Do Flat-Shooting Cartridges Matter?

Do “Flat-Shooting” Cartridges Matter? There is a lot of talk recently about flat-shooting cartridges, in fact it’s been a very hot topic for some time now. Many big name manufacturers like Hornady and Nosler keep coming out with new cartridges, and one of the many descriptors of these new cartridges is they shoot flatter than … Read more

Common Myths About Suppressors

Common Myths About Suppressors Having used, tested, and written about weapons suppressors (mostly rifle)  for close to 25 years the mythology surrounding them remains surprising, at times astonishing. Too often those perpetuating the myths have seldom used one, but years of marketing for the sake of sales and prevailing politics has not helped.  Suppressors have … Read more

What’s needed to make 1st round hits at 1 mile?

What’s needed to make 1st round hits at 1 mile? The most frustrating part of ELR shooting is obtaining accurate Trajectory Predictions. You can have all of the equipment that we at Desert Tech use, but if your ballistic computer has substandard point-mass algorithms that just average the ballistic coefficient value over the bullets flight … Read more