QD Suppressors VS. Direct thread

QD Suppressors VS. Direct thread We keep hitting on suppressors here on the Desert Tech blog, partially because we are suckers for suppressors, and also because everybody else is also joining the trend. Some trends are just trends, but the suppressor craze is one I can get behind fully. One of the big questions many … Read more

Buying a Riflescope

Buying a Riflescope Rifle optics remain one of the fastest growing markets. Dozens of very good scopes are available for every segment of the firearms industry.  Variable magnification from low to high, reticles from clear to complicated, short, compact, long, large and small you name it.  The real question is no longer can I get … Read more

How does a suppressor affect the function of my MDRX

How Does a Suppressor Affect the Function of my MDRX Had a friendly little chat with a local ATF field agent today, we discussed the popularity of suppressors and the huge increase in form 4’s as people buy them. Seems like just a few years ago suppressors were few and far between, but nowadays I … Read more

What Cant Can Do

What Cant Can Do Someday, we’ll have energy weapons just like in the movies. And said energy weapons will of course defy all of our common understanding when it comes to ballistics and projectiles, at least thats what the movies have taught me. But until the day that lasers and blasters like Han Solo carried … Read more

Factory Ammo vs. Personal Loads

Factory Ammo vs. Personal Loads             Not everyone reloads. But current events being what they are, they might have to, if they can find the supplies. The ammo shortage and significant rise in firearms and accessories sales over the past year has been unprecedented. Primers are especially difficult to find, making life difficult for ammo … Read more

Keeping it Real

Keeping it Real Keeping it real is a concept that should color every decision you make when it comes to firearms, including cost, selection, equipment, training, and practice. It does not mean everything must be practical, or work in a fight, or any of the myriad of fortune cookie philosophy so prevalent in this industry. … Read more

Hunting with a Bullpup

Hunting with a bullpup There is something magnificent about climbing and bushwhacking through gnarly terrain to get deep into the wild while searching for deer and elk.  It is a firmly imprinted memory for me from my last successful rifle hunt, and one that I will never forget. I clearly remember the super steep watershed … Read more

Ballistic Coefficient or (B.C. for those who hate math)

          Ballistic Coefficient or (B.C. for those who hate math)  Years ago, starting down the precision rifle path my craving for “data” and “numbers’ was strong. Part was my need as a trainer and SWAT team leader, but like most new to the craft it was fun and interesting. Most of my focus was on terminal … Read more

Intro to Wind Reading and Mirage

Intro to Wind Reading and Mirage             Whispers fly back and forth. “What do you think it’s worth? Quarter, maybe half.” The reactions vary up and down the firing line. Some shooters sit relaxed in a folding chair, waiting for their relay to be called, seemingly unconcerned. Others set up their spotting scopes behind the … Read more

Shooting Barricades, bags, and tripod

Shooting Barricades, bags, and tripod Today Tyler walks us through shooting from barricades in competition. He also goes over some of a shooters best tools for doing so. Products seen in this video: Cole-TAC Wiebad Short Action Precision Reasor Precision Blam Enterprises

Best Accessories for Your Desert Tech SRS

Best Accessories for Desert Tech SRS You’ve been dwelling on this idea for years.  Studied every forum and poured over all 272 pages of the Official (DTA) SRS thread on Snipers Hide.  You’ve even read Larson Miller’s definitive guide to bullpups on the DT blog.  And after cashing in your stimulus checks you’ve finally got … Read more

All About the Eyes

All About the Eyes             One of the most important things every shooter should know is which is his/her dominant eye. Most people, even some experienced shooters, will immediately assume that the dominant eye corresponds with the dominant hand. While this is often the case, it is not always so.             No matter how comfortable … Read more