Common Myths About Suppressors

Common Myths About Suppressors Having used, tested, and written about weapons suppressors (mostly rifle)  for close to 25 years the mythology surrounding them remains surprising, at times astonishing. Too often those perpetuating the myths have seldom used one, but years of marketing for the sake of sales and prevailing politics has not helped.  Suppressors have … Read more

What’s needed to make 1st round hits at 1 mile?

What’s needed to make 1st round hits at 1 mile? The most frustrating part of ELR shooting is obtaining accurate Trajectory Predictions. You can have all of the equipment that we at Desert Tech use, but if your ballistic computer has substandard point-mass algorithms that just average the ballistic coefficient value over the bullets flight … Read more

2020 New Product Lineup

Desert Tech is really excited to announce the new product lineup for 2020.  We have new rifles, new caliber conversion kits, new accessories and new calibers being offered by Desert Tech Munitions. Contact us at (801)975-7272 or visit your local Desert Tech Dealer to place your order now! Ratchet Our new Ratchet Compensator $95.99, was … Read more

MDR Black Friday SALE!

We have some Black Friday Deals that you don’t want to miss! We’re offering both our .223 and .308 MDR rifles at a massive discount. Get $425 off our .308 MDR and $375 off our .223 MDR. This deal is running now and will end on November 30th, 2019 at midnight. These are our fully … Read more

DTSS .338 Suppressor Sale!

DT Sound Suppressors Promotion Going On NOW! 50% Off with qualifying purchase! Have you had your eye on one of our 338 Sound Suppressors? Right now, when you purchase any SRS-A2 conversion kit, or if you buy $1,499 worth of ammo, you can also add a .338 Suppressor to your cart and receive 50% off … Read more

Improve Rifle Accuracy – Desert Tech

Here are 3 tips to improve your DT SRS sniper rifles accuracy or any other precision rifle for that matter. The SRS is guaranteed to shoot 1/2 moa or better and we have been able to get the accuracy down to 1/4 moa by following these three simple steps. 1 –Have good qualifying match ammunition. … Read more

HTI Review Roundup

We collected some of the top HTI reviews from some well known Youtubers and channels to make it easy for you to find the best information on the Desert Tech HTI. Snipers Hide Low Light says they love the trigger on the HTI and highly recommends this rifle if you want to get into long … Read more

SRS Review Roundup

With the changes made to the SRS-A1 and the release of the SRS-A2, we are very happy with the way the it has been performing. Today, we gathered up several SRS reviews to take a look at. Here is what DoomsdayBrothers had to say. – DoomsdayBrothers “Its perfection and precision to another level. Not only … Read more

Review Roundup for 2019 MDR Upgrades

Desert Tech MDR

The MDR has been our most challenging project to date, due to all the innovative features we’ve tried to include in the first version. While we have learned a lot through this journey, the greatest reward is your satisfaction and seeing these latest reviews of the latest 2019 updated MDR: If you haven’t had the … Read more

New National ULR Record Has Been Hit!

John Harms and his Desert Tech SRS holds the National ULR Record with 5 hits in a row at 2132 Yards! We couldn’t be more pleased by the record John Harms set at the April 2019 Southwest ULR Competition. Using his 37XC, Desert Tech SRS, with a Nightforce ATACR 35x and Cutting Edge Bullets. He … Read more

2018 Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale! Biggest Discounts of the Year Visit From November 15th – 30th while supplies last USE OFFER CODE: BLKFRIDAY2018 With Black Friday fast approaching, Desert Tech is marking down prices from now until November 30th! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big on your favorite Desert Tech items, while supplies … Read more

How to Estimate Distance Using Only Your Scope

estimate the distance of a target

  Let’s explain how to estimate distance using only your scope with an everyday example with which we’re all familiar. Fair enough? Suppose you’re captaining a sweet diesel-powered submarine. Before finishing work for the day, your boss wants you to torpedo a Somali pirate ship. Looking out through your periscope, you find that you’re in … Read more

January 2018 MDR Update

January 2018 MDR Update MDR Update January 5, 2018 Dear Valued Customers, Our November 2017 update stated that our expectation was to ship a small batch or two of MDR’s prior to February and then move to high volume production in late February 2018. Shortly after this update went out, we received news from our MIM supplier stating … Read more

November MDR Update

November MDR Update Dear Valued Customers, here is our November MDR update. It is great to see the positive reviews on the initial shipments of MDR’s. We have appreciated all the feedback from those of you who have received your MDR’s. Unfortunately, since we began shipping, we have unexpectedly had to push out the MDR … Read more