2018 Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale! Biggest Discounts of the Year Visit deserttech.com From November 15th – 30th while supplies last USE OFFER CODE: BLKFRIDAY2018 With Black Friday fast approaching, Desert Tech is marking down prices from now until November 30th! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big on your favorite Desert Tech items, while supplies … Read more

How to Estimate Distance Using Only Your Scope

estimate the distance of a target

  Let’s explain how to estimate distance using only your scope with an everyday example with which we’re all familiar. Fair enough? Suppose you’re captaining a sweet diesel-powered submarine. Before finishing work for the day, your boss wants you to torpedo a Somali pirate ship. Looking out through your periscope, you find that you’re in … Read more

January 2018 MDR Update

January 2018 MDR Update

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4O0Ifb4QDA&feature=youtu.be MDR Update January 5, 2018 Dear Valued Customers, Our November 2017 update stated that our expectation was to ship a small batch or two of MDR’s prior to February and then move to high volume production in late February 2018. Shortly after this update went out, we received news from our MIM supplier stating … Read more

November MDR Update

November MDR Update Dear Valued Customers, here is our November MDR update. It is great to see the positive reviews on the initial shipments of MDR’s. We have appreciated all the feedback from those of you who have received your MDR’s. Unfortunately, since we began shipping, we have unexpectedly had to push out the MDR … Read more

Military Arms Channel Reviews the MDR

MDR Dynamic Rifle by Desert Tech

In this article, you will find one of the first MDR reviews. Many of our customers, and those who would like to be have been awaiting third party reviews of the Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR) that began shipping last month. While there are many bloggers, youtuber’s, and writers that would like to put hands on … Read more

Desert Tech R7 Chassis

Desert Tech R7S Chassis We have received many questions about the Desert Tech R7Schassis system for Remington 700 type rifles. Why Did Desert Tech Cancel the R7S Project? Desert Tech has made the decision to cancel the R7 project. Our mission to provide the weapons for tomorrows patriots keeps us focused on creating new and … Read more

First MDR Pre-Order Delivered

Picture of the First MDR Pre-order Being Delivered.

FIrst MDR Pre-order Delivered Long waited MDR is now shipping and the first MDR pre-order was delivered this week. Derek Johnson was the first person to pre order the MDR on deserttech.com. We surprised him with a trip to Salt Lake City. Hands On the First MDR Delivered We flew Derek out from Dallas, to see … Read more

MDR Giveaway Winner announced

MDR Giveaway Contest 2017 by Desert Tech

MDR Giveaway Winner has been chosen! ***Update, both the original winner and the first runner-up have unfortunately not responded, it is now up to the second runner-up to reply to his winning email.*** The Selecting Process for the MRD Giveway Contest Winner The winner of the long-awaited MDR giveaway has been chosen, through random elimination. We … Read more

Choosing The Right Rifle Scope for Your Desert Tech Rifle

Choosing the right scope for your Desert Tech rifle.

How to Choose the Right Scope for Your Rifle When choosing the best scope for your rifle, keep in mind that a precision rifle can only be as accurate as the sighting system. Today we are going to discuss the topic of rifle scopes, and how you should approach the selection and purchase of a … Read more

Cheap Bulk Ammo. Is The Boom Worth The Squeeze?

Cheap bulk ammo Inexpensive ammunition is very appealing to shooting sports enthusiasts. The relatively high cost of ammunition and its high angle trajectory shows no sign of changing anytime soon. Cheap Bulk Ammo vs Premium Ammo Today we are going to discuss an interesting topic, is cheaper ammunition really a good buy? There are a … Read more

July MDR Update

July MDR Update Dear Valued Customers, here is our June MDR update. I had hoped this announcement would be that we are shipping guns!  But unfortunately, there are a handful of parts that are still in coating.  The parts are supposed to arrive in our shop any day, which means late this week or next.  … Read more

Choosing a Rifle Cartridge

  Choosing a Rifle Cartridge If you need help choosing a rifle cartridge, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will help you choose the best rifle cartridge for you. If you had to choose one cartridge to shoot for the rest of your life, most of us could narrow it down … Read more

Demolition Ranch Shoots Desert Tech SRS A1 Rifle

Demolition Ranch Video on Youtube With DT SRS Rifle The Demolition Ranch video channel on Youtube is one of the most popular gun / shooting channels. It is known by “NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUN CHANNEL” because what he records is definitely out of the ordinary! We would like to send a Big THANK YOU to … Read more

Where can I shoot my rifle?

Rangefinder – Places To Go Shooting in The US One of the biggest problems we hear from some of our customers: What good is a long range precision rifle if I have no where to shoot it? There are many ways to answer that question, and here we will address them. We will also give … Read more

8 Round Long Action Magazines For The SRS A1 and SRS A1 Covert

8 Round Long Action Magazines Desert Tech is now offering 8 round long action magazines for the SRS-A1, and SRS A1 Covert models. The new magazine will allow 8 rounds for the 338LM and 9 rounds for the 300wm cartridge. When Will the First 8 Round Magazines be Shipped? Our first run of magazines has already … Read more

April 2017 MDR Update

MDR UPDATE – April 2017 April 3, 2017 To our valued customers, MDR SHIPPING The MDR’s are still on track to start shipping late April. We don’t have much more to say than that. Marketing will continue to answer weekly operations questions about the MDR. We appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support up to this … Read more