June 1, 2017 MDR Update

June 1, 2017 MDR Update

June MDR Update Dear valued customers, We had some MDR parts come in out of specification which has been sent back for rework. The rework is expected to complete sometime between June 10 and June 23. So yes the MDR shipments are delayed again. We know this is another delay that everyone is tired of hearing about but I promised you that you would have the latest information every month so that is w... Read More »

Choosing a Rifle Cartridge

Choosing a Rifle Cartridge

  Choosing a Rifle Cartridge If you need help choosing a rifle cartridge, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will help you choose the best rifle cartridge for you. If you had to choose one cartridge to shoot for the rest of your life, most of us could narrow it down to at least one or two. But when there are so many options before us these days, it can be an agonizing in... Read More »

Demolition Ranch Shoots Desert Tech SRS A1 Rifle

Demolition Ranch Video on Youtube With DT SRS Rifle The Demolition Ranch video channel on Youtube is one of the most popular gun / shooting channels. It is known by “NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUN CHANNEL” because what he records is definitely out of the ordinary! We would like to send a Big THANK YOU to Matt for this nice and fun video on the SRS A1 Precision Rifle. We look forward to seeing wh... Read More »

Where can I shoot my rifle?

Where can I shoot my rifle?

Rangefinder – Places To Go Shooting in The US One of the biggest problems we hear from some of our customers: What good is a long range precision rifle if I have no where to shoot it? There are many ways to answer that question, and here we will address them. We will also give you some free tools to help get you there. How Much Room do You Need to shoot? This question depends on a couple thi... Read More »

May  1, 2017 MDR Update

May 1, 2017 MDR Update

MDR UPDATE May 2017 May 1st, 2017 Dear valued customers, One of our parts suppliers for the MDR has fallen behind schedule, the parts they are making for us were scheduled to be completed a week ago. This will delay the MDR shipments by two to three weeks. New MDR Shipping Date This means that assembled rifles wont start shipping until the second or third week of May. It is unfortunate but we are... Read More »

8 Round Long Action Magazines For The SRS A1 and SRS A1 Covert

8 Round Long Action Magazines For The SRS A1 and SRS A1 Covert

8 Round Long Action Magazines Desert Tech is now offering 8 round long action magazines for the SRS-A1, and SRS A1 Covert models. The new magazine will allow 8 rounds for the 338LM and 9 rounds for the 300wm cartridge. When Will the First 8 Round Magazines be Shipped? Our first run of magazines has already shipped to some Desert Tech dealers, and more of them are on the way next month. These maga... Read More »

April 2017 MDR Update

April 2017 MDR Update

MDR UPDATE – April 2017 April 3, 2017 To our valued customers, MDR SHIPPING The MDR’s are still on track to start shipping late April. We don’t have much more to say than that. Marketing will continue to answer weekly operations questions about the MDR. We appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support up to this point! Sincerely, Nicholas Young CEO Desert Tech... Read More »

Desert Tech MDR Assault Rifle Update - Tomorrows Weapons

March 1, 2017 MDR Update

MDR Update – March 2017 Here are the latest news on the MDR Update. Dear Valued Customers, We are happy with the performance of the production MDR. We are also very excited that your guns will be in your hands soon. I appreciate you sticking with us during the MDR launch. MDR QUESTIONS There have been some questions about MDR specifications and performance that we haven’t officially addres... Read More »

MDR Update February 2017 - Desert Tech Tomorrow's Weapons

February 1, 2017 MDR Update

MDR UPDATE – February 2017 Dear Valued Customers, Here is our MDR Update of the Month. The MDR production is on track to start shipping in March. Things are progressing well, it is a waiting game. Machines are cutting parts, parts are being treated and coated, and in the end be assembled. SHOT SHOW 2017 We had a great Shot Show, we showed the discrete carrying case that all MDR’s will be s... Read More »

Long Range Shooting Rifles - Desert Tech

Intro to Long Range Shooting

Intro to Long Range Shooting In this article you will learn a series of basic skills and tips on: Long Range Shooting     Long Range Rifles     The Latest Trend in Shooting Have you succumbed to the latest trend in shooting? Maybe you have, and just don’t know it yet. Does the report of a single rifle shot, followed by a long and reverberating rumble off in the distance, and ... Read More »

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