Desert Tech Oficial Photo Contest 2013

The Official 2013 DTA Photo Contest

With 2013 under way, we thought it’d be fun to see just how far and wide we’ve spread. To do this, we’re collecting photos of DTA owners and their guns, and giving away some SERIOUS PRIZES. We want to see: Photos from the field Beauty shots Photos of you shooting the rifle Any other related photos!   Extra credit for photos showing what you’ve done with the rifle (grou... Read More »

Desert Tech at Shot Show 2013.

Desert Tactical at SHOT Show 2013

As many of you already know, last week we went to the annual SHOT show in Las Vegas, NV. While there, we were able to check out some great gear, shot guns in the freezing cold (a couple times!) and meet up with a bunch of friends from the Com-Link community and throughout the industry. Like we announced a few weeks ago, we also debutted the A1 rifle chassis in both SRS and Covert models. It genera... Read More »

Introducing the SRS-A1

Introducing the SRS-A1

The Next Generation of Tomorrow’s Weapons You guys have been patient long enough. At long last, Desert Tactical Arms has announced their newest iteration of the SRS rifle system that you love so much. The SRS-A1 Rifle Chassis continues to build upon core SRS components and functionality to improve the overall shooting experience. Specifically, the A1’s features include: Adjustable Che... Read More »

Desert Tech HTI Precison Rifle Shooting at 3080 yards.

DTA & DTM 3080 Yards with HTI .375 CheyTac

Recent news has been reported of two Australian Snipers who shot and killed a Taliban commander at a record distance of 3079 yards during a simultaneous command fire. They were firing two Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifles. There has been a lot of debate whether the equipment used had the accuracy or sighting capability to make such a shot even possible. Australia has some very capable snipers and we are... Read More »

Desert Tech SRS-A1 with Kahles Scope.

Announcing New Partnership with Kahles Optics

Since the beginning, Desert Tactical Arms has put tremendous focus on seamless systems integration, to ensure that users of our products receive an experience that surpasses any other. Desert Tactical has truly redefined the pinnacle of precision, pushing accuracy to a level previously reached by only the most meticulous hand loaders. The journey began six years ago, when we created the most advan... Read More »

Desert Tech Team Competing at Tough Mudder.

DTA & DTM Team Competes in Utah Tough Mudder

As many of you are familiar, “Tough Mudder” competitions combine distance running, with extreme feats of strength and endurance. This fall, the Desert Tactical Arms and Desert Tactical Munitions teams competed in the Salt Lake City Tough Mudder at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. After signing death waivers and “notice of electric shock” forms, the team competed, and repres... Read More »

SRS Featured on USA’s “Burn Notice”

SRS Featured on USA’s “Burn Notice”

SRS Featured on USA’s “Burn Notice” Desert Tech SRS on “Means and Ends” episode of Burn Notice. For you Burn Notice fans out there, you might have noticed that on last week’s episode, “Means and Ends” (Season 6, Episode 12), Michael and Sam wielded Desert Tactical Arms’ very own SRS rifle. The guns show up towards the end of the episode as the ... Read More »

Shooting and Testing an Ipad Mini.

Shooting an iPad Mini

We’ve always wanted to blow away a brand new Apple device. Well, last Friday we got our chance. As the clock struck 8 a.m., the Apple doors opened and we scurried inside to pick up the brand new iPad Mini. We quickly unboxed it, got in a few brief oohs and ahs, and then got to work. Test #1: Submersion A lot of people do submersion tests and they’ve always seemed like a good rite of p... Read More »

DT Halloween Shooting Videos.

Video: 3 Ingredients for the Perfect Halloween

What are they? We asked ourselves the same thing for a while, until last week we finally found our answer, and then it seemed really obvious. Superheroes Guns Exploding Pumpkins So last week we hosted folks from the Com-Link community in the first ever “Pumpkin Shoot”, at our Sniper Country range in Northern Utah. Shooters had 3 rounds to engage targets at different distances, rackin... Read More »

The Official Com-Link Classroom is Up and Running

The Official Com-Link Classroom is Up and Running

The Official Com-Link Classroom is Up and Running Long time no talk! While our machines have been turning, we’ve been working hard to put together the info and advice you need to help you be “on target.” To that end, we’ve launched the official “Com-Link Classroom“, where you can find information on DTA rifles, as well as accessories, optics and shooting basics.... Read More »

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    will the new stock panells fit on gen 1 srs chasis like the new cheek piece

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