Desert Tech MDR Getaway.


  On Dec. 11-13, in Salt Lake City, Ut., Desert Tech is hosting a group of key VIP media personalities to debut the MDR, the Most Anticipated New Firearm of 2015. This is an invite-only event and the only one of its kind prior to SHOT Show in January.   And we’ve got room for one more.   We’re going to pick one lucky shooter from across America to join us for an MDR Getaway whic... Read More »

Desert Tech Universal MDR with 19 inches.


    At Desert Tech, we make the rifles of the future designed and built to operate in advanced tactical scenarios. We do not, however, make the arbitrary, often archaic, firearm laws that may or may not restrict your ability to own the Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR) in your particular part of the planet. If the more compact, more versatile, more enlightened MDR renders your local laws impoten... Read More »

DT Premium .338 Lapua Magnum Ammo.

Hell and Back For the .338 LM

  By now you know that we pack more precision and punch into each and every one of our compact sniper rifles than any other manufacturer in the world with a dead nuts guarantee of ½ MOA or better when using the proper cartridge and we do it right here in the United States of America. But make no mistake about it. Desert Tech went to hell and back to make you that proper cartridge, too. Today... Read More »

Win 338 Lapua Magnum Desert Tech Ammo.

The Record-Breaking Round is Back and No One Makes It Better Than Desert Tech

  We’ve been up all night after night after night cranking out Premium Match rounds of the world-famous .338 Lapua Magnum and they are now available to the public at large. Simply call 801-975-7272 and stock up like it’s selling out fast because, if you remember, the last time it did! And to help get out the word, we are GIVING AWAY 100 FREE ROUNDS to the customer sending in the best pict... Read More »

Desert Tech HTI EXACTO Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance.

Why The Desert Tech HTI Could Be The Most Important Rifle Of The Next Conflict

  The EXACTO is a .50 caliber smart bullet threatening to change the way Snipers ply their trade and it has HTI written all over it.   The Desert Tech HTI was always meant to be measured in miles and light armor. Stretch the letters and you get Hard Target Interdiction with a nasty disposition requiring no help from you or me when discussing its downrange relevance. But here we are anywa... Read More »

Desert Tech with the Longest Shot Ever with the HTI Rifle.


                  You didn’t come here to shoot a mile because we didn’t turn on the lights this morning to build a rifle. So, when Gordon Wollman, a financial advisor from Huron, South Dakota, racked back the bolt of his Desert Tech SRS one more time to tack hammer his fifth consecutive shot into a two-foot by two-foot piece of paper from 1,930 yar... Read More »

Scott Maeyaert Motorcycle With Desert Tech SRS-A1

If Scott Maeyaert Ruled The World With His SRS A1

It’ll take you a time or two to decide if this story is about some guy named Scott Maeyaert or a fictional character from a recently discovered Herman Melville novel so I’ll start from the beginning. Last week, the Buffalo Butte Ranch, a fifth-generation, family-owned 6,000-acre retreat in the heart of pheasant country in Gregory, South Dakota, revealed that their long range shooting record ha... Read More »

Desert Tech 2014 Powder Keg: Snap by Snap

Powder Keg: Snap by Snap

Introducing the 2014 Desert Tech Powder Keg, frame by frame, for your viewing pleasure. Participants are more than welcome to copy pictures for your own personal use. Thanks again for spending a Saturday with us at the Desert Tech Training Facility. See you next event!... Read More »

Desert Tech Winner of Powder Keg Rob Wilkinson.

Rob Wilkinson: King of Powder Keg

Desert Tech held its first-ever precision steel match last weekend and if you thought the winner had it easy then you haven’t been paying attention.     Rob Wilkinson came and saw and conquered the Keg. Desert Tech hosted its first-ever precision steel match last Saturday, July 12, 2014, and if you thought the Powder Keg would be chock full of savvy shooters from across the State o... Read More »

One Rifle To Rule Them All Desert Tech SRS-A1.

One Rifle To Rule Them All

  Let’s take the once-mythical one mile shot and make it relevant again by dumping you into the prone position, starting the stop watch and having eighty of your closest competitors in the 2014 Precision Rifle Series split up five rounds each over the smoking barrel of a Desert Tech SRS A1 chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. And let’s make it an official match stage at next Saturday’s Heat ... Read More »

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    will the new stock panells fit on gen 1 srs chasis like the new cheek piece

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