Factory Ammo vs. Personal Loads

Factory Ammo vs. Personal Loads             Not everyone reloads. But current events being what they are, they might have to, if they can find the supplies. The ammo shortage and significant rise in firearms and accessories sales over the past year has been unprecedented. Primers are especially difficult to find, making life difficult for ammo … Read more

Intro to Wind Reading and Mirage

Intro to Wind Reading and Mirage             Whispers fly back and forth. “What do you think it’s worth? Quarter, maybe half.” The reactions vary up and down the firing line. Some shooters sit relaxed in a folding chair, waiting for their relay to be called, seemingly unconcerned. Others set up their spotting scopes behind the … Read more

All About the Eyes

All About the Eyes             One of the most important things every shooter should know is which is his/her dominant eye. Most people, even some experienced shooters, will immediately assume that the dominant eye corresponds with the dominant hand. While this is often the case, it is not always so.             No matter how comfortable … Read more

Shooting with a sling

Shooting with a Sling Rests, bags, bipods, shooting sticks — keeping the rifle as stable as possible is key to taking a good shot. What about slings? Many people view them only as a tool for carrying a firearm or as an accessory to an older military rifle. Certain types of rifle competitors depend on … Read more