A couple of weeks ago, DTA offered me the opportunity to go caribou hunting in Alaska. While this would be an amazing opportunity for anyone, it was even more incredible for someone like me because…I’d never been hunting before.

Not for deer, elk, turkey, duck, rabbit—NOTHING.

Needless to say, it was an awesome experience. Learned a ton, saw some beautiful country, and met some great people….

Oh yeah and snagged a caribou!

I brought along my Desert Tactical Arms SRS Covert with the 18″ .338 LM conversion kit, and shot Desert Tactical Munitions 300 gr .338LM ammo.

Although the SRS Covert is slightly heavier than some hunting rifles, the compactness was awesome for travel, and the accuracy was excellent. I ended up getting a prone shot from the top of a rise shooting down, so the ability to quickly deploy the bipod also ended up being clutch. With it I was able to drop to the ground and instantly be in great shooting position.

Hunt of a lifetime!


Special thanks to:

Brian at AOI Alaska
Mac at Experticity 
Ashley at Mountain House Foods
Travis at The Hunting Shack


  1. Eric
    October 14, 2012, 11:51 pm   / 

    Hey man,

    Just discovered DTA and I’m seriously considering buying a DTA SRS rifle. I’m also new to long range shooting so its cool to see another new guy go out there and get it done. I look forward to future updates!


    • New Shooter Dan
      October 16, 2012, 3:44 pm   / 

      Great to hear brother. The hunt was like nothing I’ve ever done before. HUGE learning experience.

      The SRS is super capable. Even shooting .308, they are scary accurate to extreme distances. Although we don’t “guarantee” accuracy beyond certain ranges, we regularly get stories of guys getting hits at 1000 yards or more.

      We are just barely getting the blog/forum going, but already have some great stuff coming up!

      Keep me posted on your journey–what are you shooting now?

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