The Desert Tech MDRX: the latest news

Lots of people came to SHOT Show 2023 to see our new products. The 2023 MDRX was quite popular with show attendees, especially with its handsome new Tungsten/Black color pattern.

We have received a great deal of new impressions from folks who’ve never had the opportunity to try the MDRX, so if you also have never had a shot at one, here are some impressions from others:


“Simple” may be one of the words Desert Tech uses to describe its products, but it’s not one that I would use to describe the MDRX. Please note I say that in a completely positive light. The MDRX has a futuristic aesthetic, a ton of upgraded features, and is extremely versatile.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a bullpup fanatic by any means, there is something about them I’m drawn to, which makes me always put my hand up to review them when possible. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting bullpup in particular.

The new charging handles of the 2023 MDRX

I took my good old time shooting the MDRX at the SHOT Show range day to help get familiar with it.
Since I didn’t have the gun at home to accompany me on a couple more range trips, I couldn’t shoot it as much as I would have liked. However, the shots I did take with it gave me no issues at all. As I watched others shoot it before and after me, I didn’t see any of them having issues either. Continue Reading on

The BLK LBL ALX aluminum handguard for the MDRX

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