The Desert Tech HTI, the pinnacle platform

We have been singing the praises of the Desert Tech Hard Target Interdiction rifle since we first released it. The HTI offers precision shooting in a big bore platform, with the option of four very popular calibers as well as custom caliber options.

Today we wanted to share someone elses opinion of the HTI however, to give the perspective of someone who purchased the rifle, and has experience in shooting comparable rifles. This story comes from a customer named Paul:

I have been a precision shooter for many years and along the way have owned some of the most desirable rifles available……. Unique Alpine TPG-1 , Accuracy International AWSM ,  Sako TRG 22/42  , DSR-1  and many others as well as a plethora of “custom” rifles.

After a long journey I feel I have reached the pinnacle with the Desert Tech platform.  Combining the best accuracy I have ever achieved and the ease of changing calibers , for me this is the “End Game” .

The HTI  is the big daddy of the Desert Tech range,  I have both 375 Cheytac and 50 BMG conversions.

The HTI is a phenomenaly accurate platform  … The HTI will produce single ragged hole multi shot groups at 200yds…… 1/4 moa at 1000 yds  is a reality with good handloads.  On a good day when I do my part and the weather conditions permit consistent hits on a std IPSC plate at 1 mile are 100% achievable……I have never had that consistency with any other rifle platform.

The bullpup design of the HTI allows the use of 29″ barrels without having an ungainly LONG total length .  One aspect that usually doesn’t go hand in hand with “Bullpups” is the trigger. This is NOT the case with the HTI, the trigger is superb……really really superb !!  The HTI is a very well engineered and very well built piece of gear……its a pleasure to own and a pleasure to shoot.!! 

As you can tell, Paul has certainly found what he was looking for in the HTI. Its hard to argue with results like these, but if you’d like to hear more about the HTI from other shooters, you can read this HTI Roundup collection, or you can see why some shooters choose the HTI over the Barrett 50 cal.

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