The Desert Tech SRS M2 in military trials

The SRS M2 was designed and built by military request for todays subject, military testing and approval. The SRS has been adopted by several military and law enforcement agencies all over the world, and we are constantly trying to get it into additional service roles. Today we take you to the baltic state of Estonia, where the SRS M2 participated in a trial for additional use by Estonia Defense forces. The SRS is also used in neighboring countries like Lithuania and Ukraine.

Todays trial was specifically related to the 338LM for which the SRS was originally designed. Trial testing included shooting for accuracy with 250 and 300 grain ammunition, as well as shooting the rifles at distances of 1200 meters. In addition to traditional daytime shooting, the addition of thermal optics added to the from of the rifle were also part of the trial. Targets were identified using the thermal clip-on devices, as well as identifying various soldier movements in the thick wooded forest during snowfall.

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The SRS M2 is the most advanced revision of the Stealth Recon Scout family, we work to service military and law enforcement agencies with the best products we can provide, the same way we build the best firearms we can for civilian customers. Firearms with unrivaled performance like the SRS M2 are built to keep free people free, and ensure liberty for all.

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