The HTI at King of 2 Miles France

Harry Drescher of Solid Solution Designs recently placed third in the King of 2 Miles ELR shooting competition in France. These events are becoming more and more commonplace all around the world, and the Desert Tech HTI continues to show up at these events. The precise shooting platform that is the HTI has become more and more popular as more people get behind it, and its ability to run the huge cartridges used in ELR competitions has brought it to the podium.

For those of you who may be interested in getting into ELR shooting, or adding an HTI rifle to your collection, we’ll share what Harry has done with his:

We have prepared a standard DT HTI to perform like a racecar. First of all only the bolt and barrelextension have been trued, after chambering a 37Inch Bartlein Blank in .375CT.

Our company has been supplying high grade performancerifles since 2009 and this is the second time that we participated at the ko2m. The year before we achieved the second place at the finale during the ko1m.

Back to the HTI rifle;

The .375CT has a custom chamber, specially designed for 400grs projectiles from Warner Tool Company. The 1in7″Twist yields a high GS value, and makes it possible to load the catridges hot! 

This rifle package groups 1/4moa all day at 100 meters. A lot of feedback came from the shooters at the KO2M stating that the HTI is a military rifle, heavy trigger etc. But I love it and the balance with the heavy and extreme long barrel of 37″ is perfect for me. (standard barrel length is 29″)

We have topped the barrel off with a Terminator T5 brake for optimal recoil mitigation. A Dutch built performance machine, using proper technology from Desert Tech.

Harry Drescher 

The HTI is a military rifle as suggested above, but the quality adjustable trigger, and precise build make the rifle an excellent choice for both military and competitive shooters. Its ability to rapidly swap calibers makes it very useful for multiple purposes.

We look forward to more impressive performances from Harry and others that continue to push the limits with our products. Make sure to follow along to see what the next big thing will be…

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