Anyone using Lapua 260 brass?

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Anyone using Lapua 260 brass?

Post by sobiloff »

Hi everyone,

I think I'm going to splurge and buy an SRS-A1 in .260 Remington. I have a couple of friends who are having an awesome time shooting events with the NorCal Practical Precision Rifle Club, and I want in on the fun.

I'm wondering if any of you reloaders are using Lapua brass in 260 Remington, and if so, do you need to neck turn it? It seems that Lapua's 260 brass has a thick neck that doesn't fit in quite a few chambers, depending on the reamer used. I'd love to know in advance if I'll have to neck turn Lapua brass to use it in an SRS-A1.

It's not a deal breaker--I figured I'd have to start doing that at some point just to make more consistent ammo--but it will impact what brass I start out with. Thanks in advance!


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Re: Anyone using Lapua 260 brass?

Post by Seddo »

The necks on the dta barrels I have a are generous but I don't have a 260 barrel. I'm using lapua 243, 338 and 308 brass and there is no need to turn them.

The only one I can remember is the 308 as I did it last week. Lapua out of the box necks are 0.330 and the fired necks are 0.339.

I do use lapua 260 brass in another rifle without turning, not sure what chamber it has as I bought it built.

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Re: Anyone using Lapua 260 brass?

Post by BLdtylry »

I'm using Lapua headstamp 260Rem brass but I have a SAC's built Bartlein barrel which was reamed specifically for Lapua necks (.297). My loaded round using 140gr A-Max is .296.

I've got four loads through them now. I shoulder bump and neck size, and I also anneal after every firing.

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