308 Subsonic and Lapua Palma Cases

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308 Subsonic and Lapua Palma Cases

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has tried Lapua 308 Palma cases in subsonic 308?

In an attempt to separate my covert loads, 178Amax and 208 amax look the same when loaded, i decided to grab some 308 Palma cases for the subs. To make it even easier i ran some Remington 7 1/2 primers in the palma cases so they are all brass looking form the bottom.

I went to the range today and fired a couple of 50m groups (10.8gr, 11gr & 11.2gr of Traillboss) to see if there was any difference and the results were amazing. The 11gr charge was still the most accurate but the group dropped by over half. I went from about 0.5" to a ragged hole.

I was wondering if it was the change of primer brand or size that made the difference.

Lapua 308 Cases

Lapua 308 Palma Cases


Both pics are on the piss, they are the right way in photobucket. :evil:

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