DTA Kiwis--Boundary Creek

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Shooter Dan
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DTA Kiwis--Boundary Creek

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For the Kiwis in the bunch--

in case you haven't heard of it yet, there's a relatively new shooting club outside of christchurch, called Boundary Creek Practical Shooting Club. Father and son that run it (Kerry and Jayson). Kerry's been out here at the DTA shop the last couple days, and up to Sniper Country tomorrow.

Ranch is about 18,000 acres. Range is setup with pistol/close quarters birms and then LR stuff out to 2000 meters. Pretty idyllic little spot on the coast from the looks of it. if interested, call or email: http://www.practicalarmaments.com/Contact-Us.html

They are also the DTA and Premier distributor for NZ. Anyway, sounds like some of you guys may know him already, but just thought I'd pass it along if/when anyone is down that way.

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Re: DTA Kiwis--Boundary Creek

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I , have shot with both of the gentlemen you mentioned and am also a member of the wee club . A beautiful spot and a couple of good buggers . If your'e ever over this way I'm pretty sure you'd be made more than welcome . Also a bit of a collection of DTA's in the club to.

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