More Handguard Options

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Re: More Handguard Options

Post by Orkan »

I don't understand.

If they come out with a new handguard, I'll just order the handguard and take my original handguard off. I see no need to buy a new rifle because of it.

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Re: More Handguard Options

Post by dogtown »

Nick has already stated that the PSR isn't going to be available anytime soon, however developments that spawned from it will likely make it into future SRS upgrades. And as it has been mentioned before, upgrades tend to be backward compatible here or at least require your rifle taking a trip to DTA for modification.

On that latter bit, as far as I know, the only people who have had to do that are guys like me who bought rifles back in 2008 during the first batch. Everyone else should already be on the updated barrel extensions, monopods, etc.

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Re: More Handguard Options

Post by ShadowPeo »

Never said it was a short term proposition, its just something I need to be aware of and consider. for me the PSR has a few things I want on it, namely the cheekrest and the 30MOA cant built in are the big two for me, cheekrest may well be backwards compatible, but I would like to see the cant on the rail be changed as an "upgrade" I do not believe it is technically possible. Another big bonus as well as the others is it being a damn sight lighter.

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