More barrel options

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Re: More barrel options

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Orkan wrote:
Archaos wrote:but having the blackout you can carry subs and full power loads and go after a little more game.
I do that now with 308. The DTA Covert 16" is amazingly accurate with subs and full power 308. It eliminated any desire for me to have a 300BLK in a bolt gun.

300BLK still has a place in AR's though.

Just hitting a bunny with a 190gr sub doesn't appeal to me, the more I look at it I do agree with you that the 300blk has a place, and in a bolt gun that isn't suppressed its not there. The .223 will be the way to go for vermin, if the .223 doesn't see the light of day I can always go 22-250 (sorry Seddo it won't be AI)

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