Bolt lubrication ?'s

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Bolt lubrication ?'s

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So what are the recommended procedures for lubing the bolt on these? The manual is a bit sparse on this area. I'm guessing (light) grease on the lugs and oil elsewhere. What sayeth DTA and the hive?


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Re: Bolt lubrication ?'s

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I wipe it down with break free.

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Re: Bolt lubrication ?'s

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militech is great lube, the old stuff was really stinky the new stuff is much better, it does seem to freeze in cold weather though, there are other lubes that work good too, someone said froglube (I think its called) works great for them, I haven't tried it myself. I lube the bolt sleeve and around the lugs. Because our bolt sleeve is an extra frictional surface our bolts require a bit more lube than a conventional rifle but not too much more.

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Re: Bolt lubrication ?'s

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Now that I have my bolt all back together and recoated I am going to give that froglube paste a try. I have completed the initial treatment. If the hype is true it should be interesting. I like the idea of it not being petroleum based and not an aggressive cleaner like sweets

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