hornady steel match 308win

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hornady steel match 308win

Postby aussiebob » Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:42 am

I've been checking out a range of factory loads to see which one is better in my rifle and I've come across an absolute cracker that I now sware by which is hornady steel match in 155 gr BTHP and it groups 1/3 Moa it's also really cheep too just $55.00 for 50 rnd brick with the only down side the fact you can't reload the cases being steel but I buy lapua brass for reloading

So i thought id see who out there has a go to factory load and what are they

Also has anyone tried the lapua 308 subsonic factory loads in their dta. at $79.00 a box of 20 I haven't tracked any down yet

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