Desert Tactical Arms change to Desert Tech

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Desert Tactical Arms change to Desert Tech

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Guys we are sending out several press releases on the name change that goes into more depth of the name change.

Don't worry we didn't sell out or anything like that. We really liked our old name and logo but to accomplish our long-term goals a name change was an important part, one that helps keep our focus on developing new technologies and makes us a more global friendly company that will allow us to support our friends in countries that are afraid of scary names. We have also separated management of each of the entities to ensure that each has the freedom to grow on its own while continuing to work together to create tomorrows weapons. We have some very exciting things happening behind the scenes. One of the biggest ones is the massive development that the training center has under-gone and the instructor pool and newly appointed management. There are several other goodies in the works too but you will have to wait for those.

Desert Tech, LLC = Manufacturers rifles and accessories
Desert Tech Munitions, LLC = Manufactures ammunition
Desert Tech Training Center, LLC = Conducts Training, and rents/leases its training facility
DTA Dist, LLC = Distributes Desert Tech products and other industry products within the USA

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Re: Desert Tactical Arms change to Desert Tech

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I know where you are coming from, I've had a bank refuse to send money to stiller precision firearms by quoting treaty's but when the same transfer was done again 2 days later without firearms on the end of the account name it went through.

Anything you do to make the future better is a good thing!

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