Issue with my new A1

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Issue with my new A1

Post by dtanut »

Got my new A1 with .260 conversion kit. Tried to take the barrel out and it wouldn't budge. I backed the torque screws out another few turns and double checked the barrel was unlocked. Still couldn't get it out. It took me and a buddy pulling on it to get it out.

I go to reinstall it and it gets about half way and stops. At this point I'm a little freaked out. I' m not forcing it in. Now I'm thinking how the hell did the guy assembling it get the barrel in. He must have used a shit ton of force to get that barrel in considering how much it took to get it out.

I'm waiting to hear back from warranty .

Should I be worried about internal damage to the receiver ?

Any ideas on what could be causing it ?


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Re: Issue with my new A1

Post by dips123 »

Hi mate,

I have the same issues with my dta. Both my 338LM and my 6.5 x47 barrel get stuck and have to be forced out. Has not effected accuracy but something is not right. I rang Aaron from interdiction logistics who are the dta importer in Australia and he suggested using a file or sand paper on the barrel extension. It gets caught and burrs the muzzel end if the barrel extension.

I used some a wet and dry sandpaper and that seemed to help. I am still having issues though so am tempted to get a gunsmith to use a lathe and smooth it our properly.

Anyone else having these problems and solved them ?


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Re: Issue with my new A1

Post by Seddo »

All of mine hav been easy to get out. Throw a micrometer or caliper on the barrel and check the diameter.

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Re: Issue with my new A1

Post by sib1948 »

I had the same issue with my DTA SRS A1 after about 7 months. Sent it in to DTA and came back in about two weeks better than new with them fixing the soft cheek pad which had bubbled up in places from the Arizona heat. Apparantly just burrs. I now clean the barrel extensions well when switching and wipe a few drops of Kranoil on the outside of the barrel extensions. No further problems and customer service was great!!!

I have two SRS A1s and would be lost without them. People at the range are amazed at the repeatable accuracy. Once it's zeroed for the conditions, I let them shoot 5 or 10 rounds and they are amazed at the ergonomics and accuracy of the platform. The 260 Rem 26" is my favorite and great for shots out to about 1400 yards. Lapua brass, 45.7 gr. H4831 with Berger 140 gr. VDL bullets at 2870 fps with SD 6 fps with TBAC 30BA suppressor. COAL 2.89 inches.

Thanks for this wonderful American made platform, Nick!!! 8-)

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