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Re: Striker Fault ??

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Time for an update, I used the credit I had from the HTI to buy an SRS A1 in 338 lap / 308 which I collected from Magnum Sports last week. It was one of the package versions so came will the hard case and tools. Took it out to St Marys indoor range during the week and got busy with some 338 reloads to get it zero'd in. I'm using a NXS 8-32x56 on Barrett 40MOA EXRings to round out the package. Managed some nice 1" groups at 50m on my reloads so I'll have to work up a load for the SRS and find the sweet spot as it should do better then that. Loads I'm using I developed for my M98B so I'm sure with some tinkering the SRS will improve. Out of curiosity I switched to the 308 barrel and bought a box of 130gn Federal HPBT's (didn't think to pack any 308 from home). The first shot missed the target, using the T7 SSAA targets of 6 to an A3 page and I was aiming for the lower right. I switched to the lower centre target and put 9 shots through a 1/2" hole but 5" to the right of my aiming point. Elevation was near spot on but not sure why 308 shoots so far to the right compared to 338. Proceeded to shoot a pair of 5 shot groups with both under 1/2" which is impressive for over the counter factory ammo. I'm sure with the right load the 308 will drive nails, very impressive.

My only issue with the rifle is the over priced wobbly moves around so much so as to be useless. Not sure if this is normal or if I need to open the stock and tighten something. The M98B monopod is rock solid compared to the SRS version. I also collected a 50BMG barrel for the HTI at the same time and currently busy loading 300 rounds of 375 Cheytac in anticipation of collecting the HTI.

Now the great news...Aaron from Interdiction had a win with the QLD police and will soon have the HTI's available though I believe he needs to provide copies of the PTA to prove they are being sold out of state. Mine's already been emailed :)

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