Kicking things off!

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Re: Kicking things off!

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1cavscout wrote: I actually sold a Barrett to buy the SRS.
You're a good man!! :-) Going to show this to Nick right now haha this will make his day. You won't be disappointed. Actually just told him and he loved it!!

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Re: Kicking things off!

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^^^ :mrgreen:

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Re: Kicking things off!

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Greetings all , I'm a Kiwi , been shooting since around 10 yo , mainly huntin till I turned 20 then shot military arms in the territorials ( reserves for you americans) ,Started shooting smallbore then FTR around 15 years ago bought a DTA SRS 308/300WM /338 LM gen2 just under two years ago . Shot out to 2000m with both the 300WM and the 338LM , love 300WM though , its a great caliber and shoots like a laser with the 225 HPBT and 208amax still got to try the Berger 230s .
Look forward to sharing info and ideas , :)

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Re: Kicking things off!

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Welcome aboard Longshot. I haven't pushed my 338Lap past 1500 yard yet but i dont get to use that barrel very often. My 300WM isn't on a dta but i do like shooting it.

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Re: Kicking things off!

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Hello everyone,
Really enjoy the website.
Live in the Dallas area, born and raised in Texas.

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Re: Kicking things off!

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Welcome BB, glad you enjoy it.
The first shot, is worth all the rest.

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