New Source for Bore Guide

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New Source for Bore Guide

Post by Tbonedaddy »

Was looking for a bore guide that provided more support for the cleaning rod than the DTA one does.

I found it in a manufacturer called Possum Hollow products.

NO there are not in TN.

For a price point less than half of the DTA bore guide you get a custom made full length (12inches) Derlin (like the knob on your bolt) bore guide .

Please give them a look.

Hey DTA maybe this would be something to offer ???

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Re: New Source for Bore Guide

Post by losman »

i went with your suggestion, since it appeared that the TD bore guide was better suited for cleaning the barrel removed from the chassis. I spoke to Eric at possum hollow who set me up delivered for 23$. I will have more to share when I get it in my hands

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