MDR 6 Position Gas Valve Upgrade

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6 Position
Gas Valve


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MDR 6 Hole Gas Block

Desert Tech is upgrading the MDR gas valve to a new
2019 6 position valve. This increases the variety of ammo, and suppressor options the MDR will run well. Desert Tech is offering this 2019 6 position gas valve to current MDR owners at no cost for the part, just shipping and handling. Simply fill out the form below with the serial number for the corresponding MDR, and the same info provided for the warranty registration.

This offer is only available for MDR owners. Limit one per MDR Serial Number. MDR owner is responsible to pay $14.99 for shipping and handling. This offer is available until 8/31/2019.

The part removal and installation is user servicable and will not void warranty coverage. Complete instructions are included with the part as well as available online.